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zookeeper (82) Versions 1.7.4

Installs/Configures zookeeper

cookbook 'zookeeper', '= 1.7.4', :supermarket
cookbook 'zookeeper', '= 1.7.4'
knife supermarket install zookeeper
knife supermarket download zookeeper
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Installs and configures ZooKeeper and Exhibitor.




  • version 1.4.7 on the community site is in fact version 1.4.8. The result of of duplicating information.


To override exhibitor command line options, add them to node[:exhibitor][:opts].
See for more detauls

:snapshot_dir, :transaction_dir: and :log_index_dir in node[:exhibitor] should be set to something sane.
Linkedin recommend putting snapshots and logs on a different device than transactions for a write-heavy workload.

node[:exhibitor][:defaultconfig] contains config that exhibitor will be initialized with.
See and under Default Property Names.



This cookbook comes with a library to help your other cookbooks discovery the members of your ZooKeeper ensamble.
Call it with the host of (one) of your exhibitors. We use round-robin dns so it would look like

> discover_zookeepers("")

for details on the response format, see under Servers

CHANGELOG for zookeeper

This file is used to list changes made in each version of zookeeper.

  • NOTE: An error was made in the past bumping this cookbook to 2.0.0. This was to support Runit for service management. The version was then brought down again to 1.7.1 and development has continued as normal. Therefore, version 1.7.0 and above uses Runit and is likely not backwards-compatible. Apologies for the mess!


  • Force build-essential to run at compile time (contributed by @davidgiesberg)


  • Bugfix for attribute access (fixes 1.7.2 bug)


  • Move ZK download location calculation to recipe to eliminate ordering bug


  • Test-kitchen support added
  • Patch installed to support CentOS platform


  • Switched to Runit for process supervision (contributed by @gansbrest)
  • DEPRECATION WARNING: Upstart is no longer supported and has been removed
  • Re-add script but punt on utilizing it
  • This means we recommend staying on 1.6.1 or below if you use Upstart
  • In the meantime, we are working on a strategy to integrate this functionality into the Runit script, to support dependent services


  • Attribute overrides to defaultconfig should now work (thank @trane)


  • Add correct (Apache v2) license to metadta.rb (#61)


  • Add logic to download existing exhibitor jar


  • changes: Skip S3 credentials file if AWS credentials are not provided
  • Moved property files from inaccessible chef dir to exhibitor install dir.
  • Logged output to syslog.
  • Added option to set exhibitor/amazon log level


  • Added: s3credentials template to assist with --configtype s3


  • Added config hook and default for servers-spec setting
  • bugfix: cache permission denied error on exhibitor jar move
  • bugfix: ZooKeeper install tar cache EACCES error


  • bugfix: zk_connect_str actually returned when chroot passed.
  • forward zk port in vagrant


  • fix for backwards compatibility with ruby 1.8.7


  • Initial release of zookeeper

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