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stow (13) Versions 0.1.2

Installs GNU Stow & provides stow_package resource

cookbook 'stow', '= 0.1.2', :supermarket
cookbook 'stow', '= 0.1.2'
knife supermarket install stow
knife supermarket download stow
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stow (Chef cookbook)

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A simple chef cookbook to install GNU stow
via package management or source if a package is not available.


  • ['stow']['path'] = '/usr/local/stow' path stow command uses for symlinking packages and libraries
  • ['stow']['target'] = '/usr/local' target directory for stow managed symlinks, defaults to stow path's parent directory
  • ['stow']['version'] = '2.2.0' current version of stow for source installations
  • ['stow']['prev_version'] = nil previous version of stow (to destow) when upgrading to a new version
  • ['stow']['src_url'] = '' URL for latest stow source tarball
  • ['stow']['rpm_url'] = '' URL for latest RPM package
  • ['stow']['deb_url'] = '' URL for latest debian package


Add the recipes to the run_list, it should probably be towards the beginning:


Configure attributes:

"stow" : {
  "path" : "/opt/local/stow",
  "version" : "2.2.0",
  "prev_version" : "2.1.3"

Dependent cookbooks

build-essential ~> 2.2
tar ~> 0.6.0
yum-epel ~> 0.6.2

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

Foodcritic Metric

0.1.2 failed this metric

FC031: Cookbook without metadata file: /tmp/cook/d04ed3c7460dd5232377f368/stow/metadata.rb:1
FC045: Consider setting cookbook name in metadata: /tmp/cook/d04ed3c7460dd5232377f368/stow/metadata.rb:1