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riak (51) Versions 3.0.0

Installs and configures Riak distributed data store

cookbook 'riak', '= 3.0.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'riak', '= 3.0.0'
knife supermarket install riak
knife supermarket download riak
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Cookbook Version
Build Status


Riak is an open source, distributed database that
focuses on high availability, horizontal scalability, and predictable



  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Debian 7.2.0
  • CentOS 7.0
  • CentOS 6.5
  • CentOS 5.10
  • Fedora 19


  • apt
  • build-essential
  • erlang
  • git
  • java
  • sysctl
  • ulimit
  • yum
  • yum-epel


  • node['riak']['install_method'] - Method to install Riak (package, enterprise_package, source, source, custom_repository)
  • node['riak']['platform_bin_dir'] - Base directory for binaries.
  • node['riak']['platform_data_dir'] - Base directory for data files.
  • node['riak']['platform_etc_dir'] - Base directory for configuration files.
  • node['riak']['platform_log_dir'] - Base directory for log files.
  • node['riak']['platform_lib_dir'] - Base directory for libraries.
  • node['riak']['patches'] - List of patches to apply by placing in the basho-patches directory.
  • node['riak']['config']['log.console'] - Where to emit the default log messages (off, file, console, both).
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['console']['level'] - Severity level of the console log (ebug, info, warning, error).
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['console']['file'] - When node['riak']['config']['log.console'] is set to file or both, the file where console messages will be logged.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['error']['file'] - The file where error messages will be logged.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['syslog'] - Enables log output to syslog (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['log.crash'] - Whether to enable the crash log (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['crash']['file'] - The file where its messages will be written.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['crash']['maximum_message_size'] - Maximum size (in bytes) of individual messages in the crash log.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['crash']['size'] - Maximum size of the crash log (in bytes), before it is rotated.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['crash.rotation'] - The schedule on which to rotate the crash log. See here for details.
  • node['riak']['config']['log']['crash']['rotation']['keep'] - The number of rotated crash logs to keep.
  • node['riak']['config']['nodename'] - Name of the Erlang node.
  • node['riak']['config']['distributed_cookie'] - Cookie for distributed node communication.
  • node['riak']['config']['erlang']['async_threads'] - Number of threads in async thread pool (0-1024).
  • node['riak']['config']['erlang']['max_ports'] - Number of concurrent ports/sockets (1024-134217727).
  • node['riak']['config']['ring_size'] - Number of partitions in the cluster (must be a power of 2).
  • node['riak']['config']['transfer_limit'] - Number of concurrent node-to- node transfers allowed.
  • node['riak']['config']['ring']['state_dir'] - Location of ring state.
  • node['riak']['config']['ssl']['certfile'] - Default certificate location for HTTPS.
  • node['riak']['config']['ssl']['keyfile'] - Default key location for HTTPS.
  • node['riak']['config']['ssl']['cacertfile'] - Default signing authority for HTTPS.
  • node['riak']['config']['dtrace'] - Enable DTrace (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['strong_consistency'] - Enable consensus subsystem (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['listener']['http']['internal'] - IP address and TCP port that the Riak HTTP interface will bind to.
  • node['riak']['config']['listener']['protobuf']['internal'] - IP address and TCP port that the Riak Protocol Buffers interface will bind to.
  • node['riak']['config']['protobuf']['backlog'] - Maximum length of pending connections queue.
  • node['riak']['config']['listener']['https']['internal'] - IP address and TCP port that the Riak HTTPS interface will bind to.
  • node['riak']['config']['anti_entropy'] - Strategy of repairing out-of-sync keys (active, passive, active-debug).
  • node['riak']['config']['storage_backend'] - Storage backend for Riak's key-value and secondary index data (bitcask, leveldb, memory, multi).
  • node['riak']['config']['object']['format'] - Binary representation of a Riak value stored on disk (0, 1).
  • node['riak']['config']['metadata_cache_size'] - Size of the metadata cache for each vnode.
  • node['riak']['config']['object']['size']['warning_threshold'] - Reading or writing objects larger than this size will write a warning in the logs.
  • node['riak']['config']['object']['size']['maximum'] - Writing an object larger than this will send a failure to the client.
  • node['riak']['config']['object']['siblings']['warning_threshold'] - Writing an object with more than this number of siblings will generate a warning in the logs.
  • node['riak']['config']['object']['siblings']['maximum'] - Writing an object with more than this number of siblings will send a failure to the client.
  • node['riak']['config']['bitcask']['data_root'] - A path under which Bitcask data files will be stored.
  • node['riak']['config']['bitcask']['io_mode'] - How Bitcask writes to disk (erlang, nif).
  • node['riak']['config']['riak_control.top_level'] - Enable administrative UI (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['riak_control']['auth']['mode'] - Authentication mode used for access to the administrative panel.
  • node['riak']['config']['riak_control']['auth']['user']['user']['password']
    • List of usernames and passwords for access to Riak Control.
  • node['riak']['config']['leveldb']['data_root'] - A path under which LevelDB data files will be stored.
  • node['riak']['config']['leveldb']['maximum_memory']['percent'] - Percentage of total server memory to assign to LevelDB.
  • node['riak']['config']['leveldb']['compaction']['trigger']['tombstone_count']
    • Controls when background LevelDB compaction initiates.
  • node['riak']['config']['jmx'] - Enable JMX monitoring output (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['search.top_level'] - Enable Riak Search (on, off).
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['start_timeout'] - How long Riak will wait for Solr to start.
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['port'] - Port number Solr will bind to.
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['jmx_port'] - Port number which Solr JMX binds to.
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['jvm_options'] - Options to pass to the Solr JVM.
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['anti_entropy']['data_dir'] - Path where Riak Search's Active Anti-Entropy data files will reside.
  • node['riak']['config']['search']['root_dir'] - Path for Riak Search index data.


  • node['riak']['package']['enterprise_key'] - Riak Enterprise key.
  • node['riak']['package']['name'] - Name of the Riak package to install.
  • node['riak']['package']['url'] - Base path for downloading Riak packages.
  • node['riak']['package']['version']['major'] - Major version number.
  • node['riak']['package']['version']['minor'] - Minor version number.
  • node['riak']['package']['version']['incremental'] - Incremental version number.
  • node['riak']['package']['version']['build'] - Build version number.
  • node['riak']['package']['local']['filename'] - File name for local Riak
  • node['riak']['package']['local']['checksum'] - Checksum for local Riak package.


  • node['riak']['source']['url'] - Base path for downloading Riak source tarballs.
  • node['riak']['source']['version']['major']- Major version number.
  • node['riak']['source']['version']['minor'] - Minor version number.
  • node['riak']['source']['version']['incremental'] - Incremental version number.
  • node['riak']['source']['prefix'] - Installation prefix for source install.
  • node['riak']['source']['checksum'] - Checksum for source tarball.


  • node['riak']['limits']['nofile'] - File descriptor limit for user running the Riak service


  • node['riak']['sysctl']['vm']['swappiness']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['core']['somaxconn']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_max_syn_backlog']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_sack']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_window_scaling']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_fin_timeout']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_keepalive_intvl']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_tw_reuse']
  • node['riak']['sysctl']['net']['ipv4']['tcp_moderate_rcvbuf']



You may notice that some attribute names contain .top_level. This is to aid
rendering special configuration settings that have other settings nested
beneath them.

A quick example:

search is a setting, but it also has search.solr.start_timeout and
search.solr.port beneath it:

default['riak']['config']['search.top_level'] = 'off'
default['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['start_timeout'] = '30s'
default['riak']['config']['search']['solr']['port'] = 8093

These attributes render as:

search = off
search.solr.start_timeout = 30s
search.solr.port = 8093

Installation Methods

There are several installation methods for Riak supported by this cookbook.
All require that the node's run_list contain the default riak recipe.

For more precise examples, please see the .kitchen.yml file.


This is the default method of installation. Ensure that
node['riak']['install_method'] is set to package.

Enterprise Package

For Riak Enterprise users, installing the Enterprise package requires setting
two attributes:

default['riak']['package']['enterprise_key'] = '*******'
default['riak']['install_method'] = 'enterprise_package'

Custom Package

If you want to install a custom package of Riak (that isn't available in your
operating system's package repository), ensure that the following attributes
are set appropriately:

default['riak']['install_method'] = 'package'
default['riak']['package']['local']['filename'] = 'riak_2.0.1-1_amd64.deb'
default['riak']['package']['local']['checksum'] = '57e1118066dc1f25c5063c841fefd13bbc9658f3acf7adf68d60fa3001a6b5a5'
default['riak']['package']['local']['url'] = ''

Custom Repository

If you have a package repository setup on your operating system (that isn't
Basho's) and want to install Riak from there, ensure that
node['riak']['install_method'] is set to custom_repository.


If you want to install Riak (and Erlang) from source, ensure that
node['riak']['install_method'] is set to source.

License and Author

Copyright (c) 2014 Basho Technologies, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.


  • Riak 2.0.1 is now the default
  • Add CentOS 7 Support
  • Migrate to repos


  • Fix and update tests
  • Add digitalocean to
  • Add source build suite to



  • Update Riak CS default version to 1.5.1


  • Riak 1.4.10 is now the default.
  • Remove Ubuntu 13.04 support (EOL).
  • Add Ubuntu 13.10 support
  • Add Ubuntu 14.04 support


  • Increase pessimistic version constraint on build-essential.
  • Restrict version constraint on sysctl due to breaking changes.


  • Increase default ulimit from 4096 to 65536.


  • Ensure SNMP directory is created when customer data_dir is provided.


  • Fix invalid default Multi backend definitions.


  • Revert errant change of Riak node name from FQDN to IP address.


  • Make default for cs_version be 1.4.5
  • Add support for Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring).
  • Add support for Amazon Linux (2014.03).


  • Ensure /etc/default/riak is regenerated when open file limits change.
  • Ensure Riak data directory exists and is owned by the Riak user.
  • Make all cookbook dependency versions explicit.


  • Updated yum dependency constraint.


  • Riak 1.4.8 is now the default.


  • Riak 1.4.7 is now the default.


  • Add a constraint to yum cookbook dependency so that breaking changes in v3.0 are mitigated.
  • Updated Gemfile to include integration test dependencies.


  • Riak 1.4.6 is now the default.
  • Make use of vagrantfile_erb setting of kitchen-vagrant.
  • Added kernel and network tuning via sysctl.


  • Removed Recipe Tester.
  • Bumped Chef to version 11.8.0 for Test Kitchen.
  • Make default for cs_version be 1.4.3


  • Added a recipe for installing Riak through a custom package repository.


  • Made Test Kitchen run faster by enabling the vagrant-cachier plugin through the kitchen-vagrant driver.
  • Make default for cs_version be 1.4.1


  • Riak 1.4.2 is now the default.
  • Fixed the remote_file resource for Enterprise packages so that it utilizes a checksum.


  • Add a default cluster_mgr attribute.
  • Add allow_mult override when the riak_cs_kv_multi_backend is chosen.


  • Riak 1.4.1 is now the default.
  • Fixed Debian support.
  • Added Debian Wheezy to Test Kitchen.


  • Fixed package installation so that it respects version numbers.
  • Added Test Kitchen support for CentOS 5.9.
  • Fixed Protocol Buffers interface configuration changes between Riak 1.3 and 1.4.


  • Riak 1.4.0 is the default.
  • Debian init scripts now use start-stop-daemon for start. This caused an issue with the way we were handling file descriptor limits for Debian. Now the init script sources /etc/default/riak, which contains the appropriate ulimit call.
  • Added new options and defaults to vm.args and app.config attributes.
  • Test Kitchen requires version 2.2.4 or greater of the yum cookbook because earlier versions contained a bad test stub.

Foodcritic Metric

3.0.0 failed this metric

FC024: Consider adding platform equivalents: /tmp/cook/cd846a8e89654e3ba8750c4e/riak/recipes/package.rb:72