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macos (52) Versions 1.10.1

Resources for configuring and provisioning macOS

cookbook 'macos', '= 1.10.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'macos', '= 1.10.1'
knife supermarket install macos
knife supermarket download macos
Quality 71%

macOS Cookbook

The macOS cookbook is a Chef library cookbook that provides resources for configuring
and provisioning macOS. Additionally, it provides recipes that implement common
use-cases of the macOS cookbook's resources.

Chef Requirements

Currently, we've only tested the macOS cookbook using Chef 13. We do intend to implement
better test coverage in order to support more versions of Chef. Let us know
if you find issues with previous versions and we will do our best to resolve them.

Supported OS Versions

OS X El Capitan 10.11 macOS Sierra 10.12 macOS High Sierra 10.13
build-status-1011 build-status-1012 build-status-1013


Admin User and Password

node['macos']['admin_user'] = 'vagrant'
node['macos']['admin_password'] = 'vagrant'

Each of these attributes defaults to vagrant since our resources are developed
with the Vagrant paradigm. In other words, the user and password declared here
should be an admin user with passwordless super-user rights.


Disable Software Updates

Disables automatic checking and downloading of software updates.

Usage: include_recipe 'macos::disable_software_updates'

No attributes used in this recipe.

Keep Awake

Prevent macOS from falling asleep, disable the screensaver, reboot upon power failure,
enable wake on LAN, enable remote login (SSH) and adjust several other settings
to always keep macOS on and available.

Usage: include_recipe 'macos::keep_awake'

Attributes used Default value
node['macos']['remote_login_enabled'] true
node['macos']['disk_sleep_disabled'] false
node['macos']['network_time_server'] ''
node['macos']['time_zone'] 'America/Los_Angeles'


Installs Mono. Requires setting
the package, version and checksum attributes in order to override.

Usage: include_recipe 'macos::mono'

Attributes used Default value
node['macos']['mono']['package'] 'MonoFramework-MDK-'
node['macos']['mono']['version'] '4.4.2'
node['macos']['mono']['checksum'] 'd8bfbee7ae4d0d1facaf0ddfb70c0de4b1a3d94bb1b4c38e8fa4884539f54e23'


Installs Xcode 9.2 and simulators for iOS 10 and iOS 11. See the
Xcode resource documentation if you need
more flexibility.

:warning: Requires a credentials data bag containing an apple_id data bag item,
or a user/password pair set under node['macos']['apple_id'].

Usage: include_recipe 'macos::xcode'

Attributes used Default value
node['macos']['xcode']['version'] '9.2'
node['macos']['xcode']['simulator']['major_version'] [11, 10]
node['macos']['apple_id']['user'] nil
node['macos']['apple_id']['password'] nil

Apple Configurator 2

Installs Apple Configurator 2 using mas and links cfgutil to

:warning: Requires a credentials data bag containing an apple_id data bag item.

Usage: include_recipe 'macos::configurator'

Attributes: No attributes used in this recipe.

Data Bags

Both the macos::xcode and macos::configurator recipes require a credentials
data bag with an apple_id data bag item. The item should contain valid Apple ID
credentials. For example:


  "id": "apple_id",
  "apple_id": "",
  "password": "0k@yN0cR34m"


Collaborator Number Metric

1.10.1 passed this metric

Contributing File Metric

1.10.1 failed this metric

Failure: To pass this metric, your cookbook metadata must include a source url, the source url must be in the form of, and your repo must contain a file

Foodcritic Metric

1.10.1 failed this metric

FC115: Custom resource contains a name_property that is required: macos/resources/machine_name.rb:3
Run with Foodcritic Version 13.0.0 with tags metadata,correctness ~FC031 ~FC045 and failure tags any

License Metric

1.10.1 passed this metric

No Binaries Metric

1.10.1 passed this metric

Testing File Metric

1.10.1 passed this metric

Version Tag Metric

1.10.1 passed this metric