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docker (420) Versions 2.13.1

Provides docker_service, docker_image, and docker_container resources

cookbook 'docker', '= 2.13.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'docker', '= 2.13.1'
knife supermarket install docker
knife supermarket download docker
Quality 100%

Docker Cookbook

Build Status
Cookbook Version

The Docker Cookbook is a library cookbook that provides custom
resources for use in recipes.


This cookbook is concerned with the Docker
container engine as distributed by Docker, Inc. It does not address
Docker ecosystem tooling or prerequisite technology such as cgroups or


  • Chef 12.5.x or higher. Chef 11 is NOT SUPPORTED, please do not open issues about it.
  • Ruby 2.1 or higher (preferably, the Chef full-stack installer)
  • Network accessible web server hosting the docker binary.
  • SELinux permissive/disabled if CentOS Docker Issue #15498

Platform Support

The following platforms have been tested with Test Kitchen: You may be
able to get it working on other platforms, with appropriate
configuration of cgroups and storage back ends.

1.7.1 1.8.3 1.9.1 1.10.3 1.11.1 1.12.3

Cookbook Dependencies


  • Add depends 'docker', '~> 2.0' to your cookbook's metadata.rb
  • Use the resources shipped in cookbook in a recipe, the same way you'd use core Chef resources (file, template, directory, package, etc).
docker_service 'default' do
  action [:create, :start]

docker_image 'busybox' do
  action :pull

docker_container 'an-echo-server' do
  repo 'busybox'
  port '1234:1234'
  command "nc -ll -p 1234 -e /bin/cat"

Test Cookbooks as Examples

The cookbooks ran under test-kitchen make excellent usage examples.

The test recipes are found at:


Cgroups, Execution and Storage drivers

Beginning in chef-docker 1.0, support for LXC execution driver has
been removed in favor of native. Cgroups and storage drivers are now
loosely coupled dependencies and should be configured using other
cookbooks if needed.

Storage drivers can be selected with the storage_driver property on
the docker_service resource like this:

docker_service 'default' do
   storage_driver 'zfs'

Configuration of the backing storage driver, including kernel module loading, is out of scope for this cookbook.

Resources Overview

Getting Started

Here's a quick example of pulling the latest image and running a
container with exposed ports.

# Pull latest image
docker_image 'nginx' do
  tag 'latest'
  action :pull
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[my_nginx]'

# Run container exposing ports
docker_container 'my_nginx' do
  repo 'nginx'
  tag 'latest'
  port '80:80'
  host_name 'www'
  domain_name ''
  env 'FOO=bar'
  volumes [ '/some/local/files/:/etc/nginx/conf.d' ]

You might run a private registry and multiple Docker hosts.

# Login to private registry
docker_registry '' do
  username 'shipper'
  password 'iloveshipping'
  email ''

# Pull tagged image
docker_image '' do
  tag 'latest'
  action :pull
  host 'tcp://'

# Run container
docker_container 'crowsnest' do
  repo ''
  tag 'latest'
  host 'tcp://'
  tls_verify true
  tls_ca_cert "/path/to/ca.pem"
  tls_client_cert "/path/to/cert.pem"
  tls_client_key "/path/to/key.pem"
  action :run

You can manipulate Docker volumes and networks

docker_network 'my_network' do
  subnet ''
  gateway ''

docker_volume 'my_volume' do
  action :create

docker_container 'my_container' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command "nc -ll -p 1234 -e /bin/cat"
  volumes 'my_volume:/my_data'
  network_mode 'my_network'
  action :run

See full documentation for each resource and action below for more information.

Resources Details


The docker_installation resource auto-selects one of the below
resources with the provider resolution system.


docker_installation 'default' do
  repo 'test'
  action :create


The docker_installation_binary resource copies the precompiled Go
binary onto the disk. It exists to help run older Docker versions. It
should not be used in production, especially with devicemapper.


docker_installation_binary 'default' do
  version '1.8.2'
  source ''
  checksum '97a3f5924b0b831a310efa8bf0a4c91956cd6387c4a8667d27e2b2dd3da67e4d'
  action :create


  • version - The desired version of docker. Used to calculate source.
  • source - Path to network accessible Docker binary. Ignores version
  • checksum - SHA-256


The docker_installation_tarball resource copies the precompiled Go
binary tarball onto the disk. It exists to help run newer Docker
versions from 1.11.0 onwards. It should not be used in production,
especially with devicemapper.


docker_installation_tarball 'default' do
  version '1.11.0'
  source ''
  checksum '97a3f5924b0b831a310efa8bf0a4c91956cd6387c4a8667d27e2b2dd3da67e4d'
  action :create


  • version - The desired version of docker. Used to calculate source.
  • source - Path to network accessible Docker binary tarball. Ignores version
  • checksum - SHA-256


The docker_installation_script resource runs the script hosted by
Docker, Inc at It configures package
repositories and installs a dynamically compiled binary.


docker_installation_script 'default' do
  repo 'main'
  script_url ''
  action :create


  • repo - One of 'main', 'test', or 'experimental'. Used to calculate script_url in its absense. Defaults to 'main'
  • script_url - 'URL of script to pipe into /bin/sh as root.


The docker_installation_package resource uses the system package
manager to install Docker. It relies on the pre-configuration of the
system's package repositories. The chef-yum-docker and
chef-apt-docker Supermarket cookbooks are used to do this in

This is the recommended production installation method.


docker_installation_package 'default' do
  version '1.8.3'
  action :create
  package_options %q|--force-yes -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-confold' -o Dpkg::Options::='--force-all'| # if Ubuntu for example


  • version - Used to calculate package_version string
  • package_version - Manually specify the package version string
  • package_name - Name of package to install. Defaults to 'docker-engine'
  • package_options - Manually specify additional options, like apt-get directives for example


The docker_service_manager resource auto-selects a strategy from the
docker_service_manager_* group of resources based on platform and
version. The docker_service family share a common set of properties.


docker_service_manager 'default' do
  action :start



docker_service_manager_execute 'default' do
  action :start



docker_service_manager_sysvinit 'default' do
  host 'unix:///var/run/docker.sock'
  action :stop



docker_service_manager_upstart 'default' do
  host ['unix:///var/run/docker.sock', 'tcp://']
  action :start



docker_service_manager_systemd 'default' do
  host ['unix:///var/run/docker.sock', 'tcp://']
  tls_verify true
  tls_ca_cert "/path/to/ca.pem"
  tls_server_cert "/path/to/server.pem"
  tls_server_key "/path/to/server-key.pem"
  tls_client_cert "/path/to/cert.pem"
  tls_client_key "/path/to/key.pem"
  systemd_ops ["TasksMax=infinity","MountFlags=private"]
  action :start


The docker_service: resource is a composite resource that uses
docker_installation and docker_service_manager resources.

  • The :create action uses a docker_installation
  • The :delete action uses a docker_installation
  • The :start action uses a docker_service_manager
  • The :stop action uses a docker_service_manager

The service management strategy for the host platform is dynamically
chosen based on platform, but can be overridden.


docker_service 'tls_test:2376' do
  host [ "tcp://#{node['ipaddress']}:2376", 'unix:///var/run/docker.sock' ]
  tls_verify true
  tls_ca_cert '/path/to/ca.pem'
  tls_server_cert '/path/to/server.pem'
  tls_server_key '/path/to/server-key.pem'
  tls_client_cert '/path/to/client.pem'
  tls_client_key '/path/to/client-key.pem'
  action [:create, :start]

WARNING - When creating multiple docker_service resources on the
same machine, you will need to specify unique graph properties to
avoid unexpected behavior and possible data corruption.


The docker_service resource property list mostly corresponds to the
options found in the
Docker Command Line Reference

  • source - URL to the pre-compiled Docker binary used for installation. Defaults to a calculated URL based on kernel version, Docker version, and platform arch. By default, this will try to get to "".
  • version - Docker version to install
  • checksum - sha256 checksum of Docker binary
  • instance - Identity for docker_service resource. Defaults to name. Mostly unimportant for the 1.0 version because of its singleton status. | String | nil
  • api_cors_header - Set CORS headers in the remote API
  • bridge - Attach containers to a network bridge
  • bip - Specify network bridge IP
  • debug - Enable debug mode
  • cluster_store - Cluster store to use
  • cluster_advertise - IP and port that this daemon should advertise to the cluster
  • cluster_store_opts - Cluster store options
  • daemon - Enable daemon mode
  • dns - DNS server(s) to use
  • dns_search - DNS search domains to use
  • exec_driver - Exec driver to use
  • fixed_cidr - IPv4 subnet for fixed IPs
  • fixed_cidr_v6 - IPv6 subnet for fixed IPs
  • group - Posix group for the unix socket
  • graph - Root of the Docker runtime - Effectively, the "data directory"
  • host - Daemon socket(s) to connect to - tcp://host:port, unix:///path/to/socket, fd://* or fd://socketfd
  • icc - Enable inter-container communication
  • insecure_registry - Enable insecure registry communication
  • ip - Default IP when binding container ports
  • ip_forward - Enable ip forwarding
  • ipv4_forward - Enable net.ipv4.ip_forward
  • ipv6_forward - Enable net.ipv6.ip_forward
  • ip_masq - Enable IP masquerading
  • iptables - Enable addition of iptables rules
  • ipv6 - Enable IPv6 networking
  • log_level - Set the logging level
  • labels A string or array to set metadata on the daemon in the form ['foo:bar', 'hello:world']`
  • log_driver - Container's logging driver (json-file/syslog/journald/gelf/fluentd/none)
  • log_opts - Container's logging driver options (driver-specific)
  • mtu - Set the containers network MTU
  • pidfile - Path to use for daemon PID file
  • registry_mirror - Preferred Docker registry mirror
  • storage_driver - Storage driver to use
  • selinux_enabled - Enable selinux support
  • storage_opts - Set storage driver options
  • tls - Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS'] if set
  • tls_verify - Use TLS and verify the remote. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY'] if set
  • tls_ca_cert - Trust certs signed only by this CA. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_server_cert - Path to TLS certificate file for docker service
  • tls_server_key - Path to TLS key file for docker service
  • tls_client_cert - Path to TLS certificate file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_client_key - Path to TLS key file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • default_ulimit - Set default ulimit settings for containers
  • http_proxy - ENV variable set before for Docker daemon starts
  • https_proxy - ENV variable set before for Docker daemon starts
  • no_proxy - ENV variable set before for Docker daemon starts
  • tmpdir - ENV variable set before for Docker daemon starts
  • logfile - Location of Docker daemon log file
  • userland_proxy- Enables or disables docker-proxy
  • disable_legacy_registry - Do not contact legacy registries
  • userns_remap - Enable user namespace remapping options - default, uid, uid:gid, username, username:groupname (see: [Docker User Namespaces](see:
  • mount_flags - Set the systemd mount propagation flag. Defaults to slave.

Miscellaneous Options

  • misc_opts - Pass the docker daemon any other options bypassing flag validation, supplied as --flag=value

Systemd-specific Options

  • systemd_opts - An array of strings that will be included as individual lines in the systemd service unit for Docker. Note: This option is only relevant for systems where systemd is the default service manager or where systemd is specified explicitly as the service manager.


  • :create - Lays the Docker bits out on disk
  • :delete - Removes the Docker bits from the disk
  • :start - Makes sure the service provider is set up properly and start it
  • :stop - Stops the service
  • :restart - Restarts the service

docker_service implementations

  • docker_service_execute - The simplest docker_service. Just starts a process. Fire and forget.
  • docker_service_sysvinit - Uses a SystemV init script to manage the service state.
  • docker_service_upstart - Uses an Upstart script to manage the service state.
  • docker_service_systemd - Uses an Systemd unit file to manage the service state. NOTE: This does NOT enable systemd socket activation.


The docker_image is responsible for managing Docker image pulls,
builds, and deletions. It speaks directly to the
Docker remote API.


  • default action, default properties
docker_image 'hello-world'
  • non-default name attribute
docker_image "Tom's container" do
  repo 'tduffield/testcontainerd'
  action :pull
  • pull every time
docker_image 'busybox' do
  action :pull
  • specify a tag
docker_image 'alpine' do
  tag '3.1'
  • specify read/write timeouts
docker_image 'alpine' do
  read_timeout 60
  write_timeout 60
docker_image 'vbatts/slackware' do
  action :remove
  • save
docker_image 'save hello-world' do
  repo 'hello-world'
  destination '/tmp/hello-world.tar'
  not_if { ::File.exist?('/tmp/hello-world.tar') }
  action :save
  • build from a Dockerfile on every chef-client run
docker_image 'image_1' do
  tag 'v0.1.0'
  source '/src/myproject/container1/Dockerfile'
  action :build
  • build from a directory, only if image is missing
docker_image 'image_2' do
  tag 'v0.1.0'
  source '/src/myproject/container2'
  action :build_if_missing
  • build from a tarball NOTE: this is not an "export" tarball generated from an an image save. The contents should be a Dockerfile, and anything it references to COPY or ADD
docker_image 'image_3' do
  tag 'v0.1.0'
  source '/tmp/image_3.tar'
  action :build
docker_image 'hello-again' do
  tag 'v0.1.0'
  source '/tmp/hello-world.tar'
  action :import
  • push
docker_image '' do
  action :push
  • Connect to an external docker daemon and pull an image
docker_image 'alpine' do
  host 'tcp://'
  tag '2.7'


The docker_image resource properties mostly corresponds to the
Docker Remote API
as driven by the
Swipley docker-api Ruby gem

A docker_image's full identifier is a string in the form
"<repo>:<tag>". There is some nuance around naming using the

registry vs a private one.

  • repo - aka image_name - The first half of a Docker image's identity. This is a string in the form: registry:port/owner/image_name. If the registry:port portion is left off, Docker will implicitly use the Docker public registry. "Official Images" omit the owner part. This means a repo id can look as short as busybox, alpine, or centos, to refer to official images on the public registry, and as long as to refer to custom images on an private registry. Often you'll see something like someara/chef to refer to private images on the public registry. - Defaults to resource name.
  • tag - The second half of a Docker image's identity. - Defaults to latest
  • source - Path to input for the :import, :build and :build_if_missing actions. For building, this can be a Dockerfile, a tarball containing a Dockerfile in its root, or a directory containing a Dockerfile. For import, this should be a tarball containing Docker formatted image, as generated with :save.
  • destination - Path for output from the :save action.
  • force - A force boolean used in various actions - Defaults to false
  • nocache - Used in :build operations. - Defaults to false
  • noprune - Used in :remove operations - Defaults to false
  • rm - Remove intermediate containers after a successful build (default behavior) - Defaults to true
  • read_timeout - May need to increase for long image builds/pulls
  • write_timeout - May need to increase for long image builds/pulls
  • host - A string containing the host the API should communicate with. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_HOST'] if set
  • tls - Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS'] if set
  • tls_verify - Use TLS and verify the remote. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY'] if set
  • tls_ca_cert - Trust certs signed only by this CA. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_client_cert - Path to TLS certificate file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_client_key - Path to TLS key file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set


The following actions are available for a docker_image
resource. Defaults to pull_if_missing

  • :pull - Pulls an image from the registry
  • :pull_if_missing - Pulls an image from the registry, only if it missing
  • :build - Builds an image from a Dockerfile, directory, or tarball
  • :build_if_missing - Same build, but only if it is missing
  • :save - Exports an image to a tarball at destination
  • :import - Imports an image from a tarball at destination
  • :remove - Removes (untags) an image
  • :push - Pushes an image to the registry


Docker tags work very much like hard links in a Unix filesystem. They
are just references to an existing image. Therefore, the docker_tag
resource has taken inspiration from the Chef link resource.


docker_tag 'private repo tag for hello-again:1.0.1' do
  target_repo 'hello-again'
  target_tag 'v0.1.0'
  to_repo 'localhost:5043/someara/hello-again'
  to_tag 'latest'
  action :tag


  • target_repo - The repo half of the source image identifier.
  • target_tag - The tag half of the source image identifier.
  • to_repo - The repo half of the new image identifier
  • to_tag- The tag half of the new image identifier


  • :tag - Tags the image


The docker_container is responsible for managing Docker container
actions. It speaks directly to the
Docker remote API.

Containers are process oriented, and move through an event
cycle. Thanks to Glider Labs for this
diagram. alt tag


  • Create a container without starting it.
docker_container 'hello-world' do
  command '/hello'
  action :create
  • This command will exit succesfully. This will happen on every chef-client run.
docker_container 'busybox_ls' do
  repo 'busybox'
  command 'ls -la /'
  action :run
  • The :run action contains both :create and :start the container in one action. Redeploys the container on resource change. It is the default action.
docker_container 'alpine_ls' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'ls -la /'
  action :run
  • Set environment variables in a container
docker_container 'env' do
  repo 'debian'
  env ['PATH=/usr/bin', 'FOO=bar']
  command 'env'
  action :run
  • This process remains running between chef-client runs, :run will do nothing on subsequent converges.
docker_container 'an_echo_server' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 7 -e /bin/cat'
  port '7:7'
  action :run
  • Let docker pick the host port
docker_container 'another_echo_server' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 7 -e /bin/cat'
  port '7'
  action :run
  • Specify the udp protocol
docker_container 'an_udp_echo_server' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ul -p 7 -e /bin/cat'
  port '5007:7/udp'
  action :run
  • Kill a container
docker_container 'bill' do
  action :kill
  • Stop a container
docker_container 'hammer_time' do
  action :stop
  • Force-stop a container after 30 seconds
docker_container 'hammer_time' do
  kill_after 30
  action :stop
  • Pause a container
docker_container 'red_light' do
  action :pause
  • Unpause a container
docker_container 'green_light' do
  action :unpause
  • Restart a container
docker_container 'restarter' do
  action :restart
  • Delete a container
docker_container 'deleteme' do
  remove_volumes true
  action :delete
  • Redeploy a container
docker_container 'redeployer' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 7777 -e /bin/cat'
  port '7'
  action :run

execute 'redeploy redeployer' do
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[redeployer]', :immediately
  action :run
  • Bind mount local directories
docker_container 'bind_mounter' do
  repo 'busybox'
  command 'ls -la /bits /more-bits'
  volumes ['/hostbits:/bits', '/more-hostbits:/more-bits']
  action :run_if_missing
  • Mount volumes from another container
docker_container 'chef_container' do
  command 'true'
  volumes '/opt/chef'
  action :create

docker_container 'ohai_debian' do
  command '/opt/chef/embedded/bin/ohai platform'
  repo 'debian'
  volumes_from 'chef_container'
  • Set a container's entrypoint
docker_container 'ohai_again_debian' do
  repo 'debian'
  volumes_from 'chef_container'
  entrypoint '/opt/chef/embedded/bin/ohai'
  command 'platform'
  action :run_if_missing
  • Automatically remove a container after it exits
docker_container 'sean_was_here' do
  command "touch /opt/chef/sean_was_here-#{'%Y%m%d%H%M')}"
  repo 'debian'
  volumes_from 'chef_container'
  autoremove true
  action :run
  • Grant NET_ADMIN rights to a container
docker_container 'cap_add_net_admin' do
  repo 'debian'
  command 'bash -c "ip addr add brd + dev eth0 label eth0:0 ; ip addr list"'
  cap_add 'NET_ADMIN'
  action :run_if_missing
  • Revoke MKNOD rights to a container
docker_container 'cap_drop_mknod' do
  repo 'debian'
  command 'bash -c "mknod -m 444 /dev/urandom2 c 1 9 ; ls -la /dev/urandom2"'
  cap_drop 'MKNOD'
  action :run_if_missing
  • Set a container's hostname and domainname
docker_container 'fqdn' do
  repo 'debian'
  command 'hostname -f'
  host_name 'computers'
  domain_name 'biz'
  action :run_if_missing
  • Set a container's DNS resolution
docker_container 'dns' do
  repo 'debian'
  command 'cat /etc/resolv.conf'
  host_name 'computers'
  dns ['', '']
  dns_search ['', '']
  action :run_if_missing
  • Add extra hosts to a container's /etc/hosts
docker_container 'extra_hosts' do
  repo 'debian'
  command 'cat /etc/hosts'
  extra_hosts ['east:', 'west:']
  action :run_if_missing
  • Manage container's restart_policy
docker_container 'try_try_again' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'grep asdasdasd /etc/passwd'
  restart_policy 'on-failure'
  restart_maximum_retry_count 2
  action :run_if_missing

docker_container 'reboot_survivor' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 123 -e /bin/cat'
  port '123'
  restart_policy 'always'
  action :run_if_missing
  • Manage container links
docker_container 'link_source' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  env ['FOO=bar', 'BIZ=baz']
  command 'nc -ll -p 321 -e /bin/cat'
  port '321'
  action :run_if_missing

docker_container 'link_target_1' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  env ['ASD=asd']
  command 'ping -c 1 hello'
  links ['link_source:hello']
  action :run_if_missing

docker_container 'link_target_2' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'env'
  links ['link_source:hello']
  action :run_if_missing

execute 'redeploy_link_source' do
  command 'touch /marker_container_redeploy_link_source'
  creates '/marker_container_redeploy_link_source'
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[link_source]', :immediately
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[link_target_1]', :immediately
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[link_target_2]', :immediately
  action :run
  • Mutate a container between chef-client runs
docker_tag 'mutator_from_busybox' do
  target_repo 'busybox'
  target_tag 'latest'
  to_repo 'someara/mutator'
  target_tag 'latest'

docker_container 'mutator' do
  repo 'someara/mutator'
  tag 'latest'
  command "sh -c 'touch /mutator-`date +\"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S\"`'"
  outfile '/mutator.tar'
  force true
  action :run_if_missing

execute 'commit mutator' do
  command 'true'
  notifies :commit, 'docker_container[mutator]', :immediately
  notifies :export, 'docker_container[mutator]', :immediately
  notifies :redeploy, 'docker_container[mutator]', :immediately
  action :run
  • Specify read/write timeouts
docker_container 'api_timeouts' do
  repo 'alpine'
  read_timeout 60
  write_timeout 60
  • Specify a custom logging driver and its options
docker_container 'syslogger' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 780 -e /bin/cat'
  log_driver 'syslog'
  log_opts 'syslog-tag=container-syslogger'
  • Connect to an external docker daemon and create a container
docker_container 'external_daemon' do
  repo 'alpine'
  host 'tcp://'
  action :create


Most docker_container properties are the snake_case version of the CamelCase keys found in the Docker Remote Api

  • container_name - The name of the container. Defaults to the name of the docker_container resource.
  • repo - aka image_name. The first half of a the complete identifier for a Docker Image.
  • tag - The second half of a Docker image's identity. - Defaults to latest.
  • command - The command to run when starting the container.
  • autoremove - Boolean - Automatically delete a container when it's command exits. Defaults to false.
  • volumes - An array of volume bindings for this container. Each volume binding is a string in one of these forms: container_path to create a new volume for the container. host_path:container_path to bind-mount a host path into the container. host_path:container_path:ro to make the bind-mount read-only inside the container.
  • cap_add - An array Linux Capabilities (man 7 capabilities) to add to grant the container beyond what it normally gets.
  • cap_drop - An array Linux Capabilities (man 7 capabilities) to revoke that the container normally has.
  • cpu_shares - An integer value containing the CPU Shares for the container.
  • devices - A Hash of devices to add to the container.
  • dns - An array of DNS servers the container will use for name resolution.
  • dns_search - An array of domains the container will search for name resolution.
  • domain_name - Set's the container's dnsdomainname as returned by the dnsdomainname command.
  • entrypoint - Set the entry point for the container as a string or an array of strings.
  • env - Set environment variables in the container in the form ['FOO=bar', 'BIZ=baz']
  • extra_hosts - An array of hosts to add to the container's /etc/hosts in the form ['host_a:', 'host_b:']
  • force - A boolean to use in container operations that support a force option. Defaults to false
  • host - A string containing the host the API should communicate with. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_HOST'] if set
  • host_name - The hostname for the container.
  • labels A string, array, or hash to set metadata on the container in the form ['foo:bar', 'hello:world']`
  • links - An array of source container/alias pairs to link the container to in the form [container_a:www', container_b:db']
  • log_driver - Sets a custom logging driver for the container (json-file/syslog/journald/gelf/fluentd/none).
  • log_opts - Configures the above logging driver options (driver-specific).
  • mac_address - The mac address for the container to use.
  • memory - Memory limit in bytes.
  • memory_swap - Total memory limit (memory + swap); set -1 to disable swap limit (unlimited). You must use this with memory and make the swap value larger than memory.
  • network_disabled - Boolean to disable networking. Defaults to false.
  • network_mode - Sets the networking mode for the container. One of bridge, host, container.
  • open_stdin - Boolean value, opens stdin. Defaults to false.
  • outfile - The path to write the file when using :export action.
  • port - The port configuration to use in the container. Matches the syntax used by the docker CLI tool.
  • privileged - Boolean to start the container in privileged more. Defaults to false
  • publish_all_ports - Allocates a random host port for all of a container's exposed ports.
  • remove_volumes - A boolean to clean up "dangling" volumes when removing the last container with a reference to it. Default to false to match the Docker CLI behavior.
  • restart_policy - One of no, on-failure, unless-stopped, or always. Use always if you want a service container to survive a Dockerhost reboot. Defaults to no.
  • restart_maximum_retry_count - Maximum number of restarts to try when restart_policy is on-failure. Defaults to an ever increasing delay (double the previous delay, starting at 100mS), to prevent flooding the server.
  • running_wait_time - Amount of seconds docker_container wait to determine if a process is running.`
  • security_opts - A list of string values to customize labels for MLS systems, such as SELinux.
  • signal - The signal to send when using the :kill action. Defaults to SIGTERM.
  • sysctls - A hash of sysctls to set on the container. Defaults to {}.
  • tty - Boolean value to allocate a pseudo-TTY. Defaults to false.
  • user - A string value specifying the user inside the container.
  • volumes - An Array of paths inside the container to expose. Does the same thing as the VOLUME directive in a Dockerfile, but works on container creation.
  • volumes_from - A list of volumes to inherit from another container. Specified in the form <container name>[:<ro|rw>]
  • working_dir - A string specifying the working directory for commands to run in.
  • read_timeout - May need to increase for commits or exports that are slow
  • write_timeout - May need to increase for commits or exports that are slow
  • kill_after - Number of seconds to wait before killing the container. Defaults to wait indefinitely; eventually will hit read_timeout limit.
  • timeout - Seconds to wait for an attached container to return
  • tls - Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS'] if set
  • tls_verify - Use TLS and verify the remote. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY'] if set
  • tls_ca_cert - Trust certs signed only by this CA. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_client_cert - Path to TLS certificate file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • tls_client_key - Path to TLS key file for docker cli. Defaults to ENV['DOCKER_CERT_PATH'] if set
  • userns_mode - Modify the user namespace mode - Defaults to nil, example option: host
  • pid_mode - Set the PID (Process) Namespace mode for the container. host: use the host's PID namespace inside the container.
  • ipc_mode - Set the IPC mode for the container - Defaults to nil, example option: host
  • uts_mode - Set the UTS namespace mode for the container. The UTS namespace is for setting the hostname and the domain that is visible to running processes in that namespace. By default, all containers, including those with --network=host, have their own UTS namespace. The host setting will result in the container using the same UTS namespace as the host. Note that --hostname is invalid in host UTS mode.
  • ro_rootfs - Mount the container's root filesystem as read only. Defaults to false


  • :create - Creates the container but does not start it. Useful for Volume containers.
  • :start - Starts the container. Useful for containers that run jobs.. command that exit.
  • :run - The default action. Both :create and :start the container in one action. Redeploys the container on resource change.
  • :run_if_missing - Runs a container only once.
  • :stop - Stops the container.
  • :restart - Stops the starts the container.
  • :kill - Send a signal to the container process. Defaults to SIGKILL.
  • :pause - Pauses the container.
  • :unpause - Unpauses the container.
  • :delete - Deletes the container.
  • :redeploy - Deletes and runs the container.


The docker_registry resource is responsible for managing the
connection auth information to a Docker registry.

docker_registry action :login

  • Log into or register with public registry:
docker_registry '' do
  username 'publicme'
  password 'hope_this_is_in_encrypted_databag'
  email ''

Log into private registry with optional port:

docker_registry 'my local registry' do
   serveraddress ''
   username 'privateme'
   password 'still_hope_this_is_in_encrypted_databag'
   email ''


The docker_network resource is responsible for managing Docker named
networks. Usage of overlay driver requires the docker_service to
be configured to use a distributed key/value store like etcd,
consul, or zookeeper.

docker_network action :create

docker_network 'my_network' do
  subnet ''
  gateway ''
  action :create

docker_container 'echo-base' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 1337 -e /bin/cat'
  port '1337'
  network_mode 'my_network'
  action :run


  • driver - The network driver to use. Defaults to bridge, other options include overlay.
  • subnet - Specify the subnet(s) for the network. Ex:
  • gateway - Specify the gateway(s) for the network. Ex:
  • ip_range - Specify a range of IPs to allocate for containers. Ex:
  • aux_address - Auxillary addresses for the network. Ex: ['a=', 'b=']
  • container - Container-id/name to be connected/disconnected to/from the network. Used only by :connect and :disconnect actions


docker_network 'network_g' do
  driver 'overlay'
  subnet ['', '']
  gateway ['', '']
  ip_range ''
  aux_address ['a=', 'b=', 'a=', 'b=']

Connect to multiple networks

docker_network 'network_h1' do
  action :create

docker_network 'network_h2' do
  action :create

docker_container 'echo-base-networks_h' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  command 'nc -ll -p 1337 -e /bin/cat'
  port '1337'
  network_mode 'network_h1'
  action :run

docker_network 'network_h2' do
  container 'echo-base-networks_h'
  action :connect


  • :create - create a network
  • :delete - delete a network
  • :connect - connect a container to a network
  • :disconnect - disconnect a container from a network


The docker_volume resource is responsible for managing Docker named

docker_volume action :create

docker_volume 'hello' do
  action :create

docker_container 'file_writer' do
  repo 'alpine'
  tag '3.1'
  volumes 'hello:/hello'
  command 'touch /hello/sean_was_here'
  action :run_if_missing


  • :create - create a volume
  • :remove - remove a volume


The docker_execute resource allows you to execute commands inside of
a running container.


docker_exec 'touch_it' do
  container 'busybox_exec'
  command ['touch', '/tmp/onefile']


  • host - Daemon socket(s) to connect to - tcp://host:port, unix:///path/to/socket, fd://* or fd://socketfd.
  • command - A command structured as an Array similar to CMD in a Dockerfile.
  • container - Name of the container to execute the command in.
  • timeout- Seconds to wait for an attached container to return. Defaults to 60 seconds.


  • :run - Runs the command

Testing and Development

  • Full development and testing workflow with Test Kitchen and friends:



Please see contributing information in:




Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you
may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may
obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
implied. See the License for the specific language governing
permissions and limitations under the License.

Dependent cookbooks

compat_resource >= 12.16.2

Contingent cookbooks

amazon-ecs-agent Applicable Versions
arcgis-notebooks Applicable Versions
bastion Applicable Versions
cadvisor Applicable Versions
codenamephp_docker Applicable Versions
codenamephp_localmail Applicable Versions
containership Applicable Versions
cookbook-openshift3 Applicable Versions
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.5
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.6
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.7
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.9
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.10
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.12
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.13
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.14
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.15
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.18
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.19
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.20
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.21
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.22
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.23
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.24
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.26
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.27
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.28
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.29
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.32
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.33
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.41
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.42
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.43
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.44
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.45
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.46
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.47
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.48
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.49
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.50
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.51
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.52
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.53
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.54
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.55
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.57
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.58
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.60
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.62
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.63
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.64
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.65
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.66
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.68
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.69
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.71
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.72
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.74
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.75
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.76
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.77
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.82
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.83
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.85
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.86
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.88
cookbook-openshift3 2.0.90
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.0
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.1
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.2
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.3
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.4
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.5
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.6
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.7
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.8
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.9
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.11
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.13
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.14
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.17
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.18
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.19
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.21
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.23
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.24
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.25
cookbook-openshift3 2.1.26
corbel Applicable Versions
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tfc_agent Applicable Versions
vulcand Applicable Versions
weave Applicable Versions

Docker Cookbook Changelog

This file is used to list changes made in each version of the docker cookbook.

2.13.1 (2016-12-19)

  • #786 - Adding options hash to docker_volume connection
  • #787 - Adding wait loop to docker_service_manager_execute :stop

2.13.0 (2016-11-25)

  • Adding sysctl property to docker_container resource

2.12.0 (2016-11-25)

  • Updating compat_resource dep to 12.16.2
  • Updating docker-api gem dep 1.32.1

2.11.1 (2016-11-24)

  • Fix for #701 - Revert commit that caused restart loops in systemd provider

2.11.0 (2016-11-23)

  • make systemd MountFlags configurable
  • make running wait time configurable

2.10.0 (2016-11-23)

  • Implement network connect/disconnect
  • Fixed dns options mutual exclusion
  • Misc test harness cleanup

2.9.10 (2016-11-14)

-renaming systemd_conf to systemd_args due to a conflict with systemd cookbook

2.9.9 (2016-11-14)

-Fixing resource idempotence in labels property
-Fix regression introduced by #741, breaking Debian installation
-Added ro_rootfs => ReadonlyRootfs special cases mapping
-Enable systemd options as a docker_service attribute

2.9.8 (2016-11-08)

  • Fixed a typo in an error message
  • Enable tarball install through docker_service
  • option log_opt is defined as --log-opt value1 --log-opt value2 instead of --log-opt=value1 --log-opt=value2
  • Depend on a working compat_resource cookbook

2.9.7 (2016-10-14)

  • Require the most recent compat_resource
  • Get foodcritic passing
  • Update the Rakefile and use cookstyle
  • Use cookstyle in Travis
  • Add matchers for docker_installation_tarball


  • entrypoint not entry_point README
  • dockerd binary on 1.12+ for upstart
  • fix docker.socket for systemd


  • bumping docker-api gem


  • Switch to the dockerd binary on 1.12+
  • Add links to resources overview list


  • add uts_mode support for docker_container provider (#730)


  • adding feature ReadonlyRootfs
  • bumping docker version to 1.11.2
  • removing etcd, fails tests for xenial and swarm will have it builtin in 1.12


  • implement userns_mode for containers


  • Feature - docker_installation_tarball resource
  • Patch - Adding missing http_proxy support to rhel/sysvinit
  • Patch #705 - Avoid installing docker-api gem in ChefSpec


  • Feature - User namespace configuration capability for docker_service


  • Updated test matrix in the readme to reflect reality


  • Initial support for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Initial support for Fedora 22 / 23


  • notifies need to restart service immediately to prevent containers from stopping
  • bumping docker-api version 1.28.0
  • adding tests for image load


  • only wait for running state if detached
  • updating systemd template and bugfix for socket


  • refactor of docker-wait-ready


  • need a guard around docker_socket incase it isn't set


  • passing parsed socket file to init script
  • removing unused action remove_link


  • Implements load action for images


  • Include init support for oracle platform


  • Add support for docker_container image property with custom repository port
  • Resolve restarting container races
  • New resource docker_exec


  • :insecure_registry in the docker_service provider can now be a string or array
  • scientific and oracle have been added to the metadata as supported platforms
  • The effect of -1 on memory_swap has been clarified in the readme
  • Tests have been updated to run faster using trap vs. nc
  • Checksums for new Docker releases have been added


  • Depend on compat_resource >= 12.9.0


  • Setting desired_state: true for volumes / binds properties
  • Now redeploy container on volume change.
  • Change :restart action behavior to :run containers if they don't exist yet.


  • Remove vendored gems in favor of chef_gem install
  • Extending available log_driver options


  • Adding no_proxy to Upstart defaults template


  • Fixing up various default: nil warnings


  • Allowing nil as type possibility for docker_service :package_options
  • property


  • Adding ChefSpec.define_matcher for all resources


  • Setting log_driver and log_opts to desired_state: false


  • package_options property to pass options to underlying package resource


  • Defaulting installation version to 1.10.0
  • Documenting docker_network resource in README
  • Documenting docker_volume resource in README


  • Adding docker_volume resource


  • Various fixes to docker_network around subsequent runs
  • Utilizing property coersion and converge_if_changed


  • Avoiding restart loops in chef-client 12.4.3
  • Using delayed notifications for service restarts


  • Getting rid of Chef 13 deprecation warning
  • returning nil in default_tls_cert_path


  • Revamped systemd resources to use package native unit files
  • Using /etc/systemd/system to override settings


  • Revamped sysvinit resources to use package native scripts.a
  • Using /etc/sysconfig on rhel and /etc/default on Debian
  • Ubuntu 12.04 now uses Upstart
  • Debian Wheezy support
  • Fixed install_method validation


  • Temporarily disabling validate_install_method


  • Adding docker_tag force property


  • Fixing broken version / install_method validation check


  • Re-doing service_manager_upstart implementation
  • Using package native init config and utilizing /etc/default


  • Adding validation proc for docker_service.version to throw error
  • when specifying version with script installations



  • Updating .gitignore and re-adding vendored docker-api gem


  • stricter conditionals on container validation
  • updating vendored docker-api gem to 1.26.0
  • setting default Docker installation version to 1.9.1
  • updating inspec for service-execute
  • updating inspec for service-sysvinit
  • updating inspec for service-upstart
  • updating inspec for service-systemd
  • removing unused serverspec suites


  • Set default docker_container.exposed_port to empty Hash


  • Updating metadata to use compat_resource ~> 12.7.1


  • (re)adding host property to docker_network


  • using require_relative to load files
  • specifying resource_name instead of use_automatic_resource_name


  • removing duplicate :tls properties
  • removing instances of 'default: nil'
  • depending on 'compat_resource', '~> 12.5.26'


  • Using Gem::Version to handle semantic verisoning and be compatible for ≥ 1.10
  • v2.4.6

  • 613 - Fix docker_container redeploys with bad link array ordering


  • Fix coerce_volumes in case current value is a Chef::Node::ImmutableArray
  • Adding tests for binds alias to volumes


  • Updating vendored docker-api to 1.25.0
  • Adding experimental docker_network resource


  • Setting docker_container property defaults to match Docker CLI
  • Reverting image-id hack
  • Adding disable-legacy-registry


  • Unifying volumes and binds properties on docker_container resource
  • Should use "volumes" everywhere now. Aliased method for backward compatibility.


  • Various fixes in wait-ready loops:
  • 598 - systemd manager return value check for docker-wait-ready
  • 600 - execute manager last iteration check fix.


  • Adding support for pid_mode and ipc_mode to docker_container


  • Changing bridge property validation to String


  • using parsed_hostname to force nil value to Docker API when
  • network_mode is host


  • reverting hostname coerce


  • adding coerce_hostname
  • Fixing github issues #542 and #572


switching systemd unit MountFlags from slave to private


  • removing detach/autoremove conflict check


  • Reverting gem loading trickery. Reverting to LOAD_PATH.push


  • Adding validation checking for detach / autoremove property
  • conflicts


  • Loading vendored gems the same way chef_gem would.
  • Resolving Chef provisioning conflicts


  • Supporting Upstart for Linux Mint


  • Updating compat_resource dep to >=12.5.23


  • Pinning compat_resource version to 12.5.14 to avoid warning


  • Using LOAD_PATH.push instead of LOAD_PATH.unshift for vendored gems


  • Fix method name for pidfile in docker_service_manager_execute


  • Adding Linux Mint to helpers_installation_package


  • 582 using symbols in excon opts
  • Resolves 458


  • 574 - updating docker to 1.9.1
  • 575 - remove nil values from container create hash
  • 576 - updating centos to 7.1
  • 577 - check for conflicting properties
  • 578 - Update docker_container library documentation on timeouts
  • 579 - suggest adding kill_after on a failed action stop


  • 573 adding support for port range


  • fixing desired_state on docker_container force property


  • Fixing up ports logic
  • Supporting multiple ip/ports


  • vendoring docker-api-1.24.1


  • vendoring docker-api-1.24.0
  • setting desired_state:false for tls properties


  • Support for multiple docker_service instances with docker_service_manager_upstart
  • Support for multiple docker_service instances with docker_service_manager_systemd


  • Support for multiple docker_service instances with docker_service_manager_sysvinit


  • Support for multiple docker_service instances with docker_service_manager_execute


  • 565 - Add support for --exec-opt to docker daemon
  • 566 - Rename cluster-opts to cluster-opt


  • 560 - Add cluster-store options to docker daemon


  • 559 - setting tls and tls_verify should to nil by default


  • Supporting Docker ENV variables without explicitly setting
  • per-resource host TLS information
  • Serverspec -> inspec fixes


  • Docker 1.9 support
  • Updates to pull_image id checking
  • Updates default_network_mode calculation


  • Updating metadata to depend on compat_resource >= 12.5.14


  • More minor fixes to Upstart script template


  • Minor fix to Upstart script template


  • Upstart script now waits for all filesystems instead of just local-filesystems


  • marking attach_ properties desired_state: false


  • Switching docker_installation method to auto
  • Cleaning up some old Chef::Provider namespace cruft


  • Adding docker_service auto_restart property. Defaulting to false.


  • Updating README with docker_installation and docker_service_manager resources
  • Adding "desired_state: false" to docker_installation properties


  • Refactoring docker_service into docker_service_manager_whatever
  • Fixing bug in coerce_daemon_labels
  • Fixes to resources-171 suite serverspec


  • Fixing docker_installation_script resource


  • Various cruft cleanup in service templates.
  • Explicitly enabling ipv4 forwarding in execute provider
  • docker_service_sysvinit test suite
  • docker_service_upstart test suite
  • docker_service_systemd test suite


  • Kitchen refactoring
  • docker_service_execute bug fixes


  • Fixing merge meant for v2.1.16


  • Adding install_method property to select docker_installation resource
  • Using docker_installation_binary by default
  • Fixing up serverspec for pre-182 resource test recipes


  • Updates to README around kill_after property on :stop action
  • Updates to various test containers to handle SIGKILL properly


  • Fixing missing property regression in docker_service


  • Fixing up independent of docker_installation_binary resource, adding
  • kitchen suites and serverspec tests


  • 531 - Bugfix for invalid parameters in docker_container :stop
  • action


  • Fixing LocalJumpError in docker_container


  • Adding 'desired_state: false' to various timeouts


  • Refactoring: Moving remote file installation method into
  • docker_installation_binary resource


  • Refactoring: Removing classes from the Chef::Resource namespace


  • Fixing connection information in docker_container and helpers_base
  • Refactoring .kitchen.yml tests


  • Enabling TLS options for docker_container and docker_image
  • Various test fixes


  • 528 - Don't enable https connection scheme if not using TLS


  • 517 - Disallowing nil value for Docker command


  • 514 - Fixing coerce and comparison logic in exposed_ports and
  • volumes to prevent unwanted restarts


  • Adding why_run support


  • 511 - fix container wait state checking
  • 512 - wait for registry ports to be open in test recipe
  • 519 - updating README to include labels#511 - fix container


  • Changing docker_container default action to :run from
  • :run_if_missing.


  • 504 - stop and start should wait for the container to complete
  • 506 - restart to use the api endpoint


  • Allowing nil for docker_registry properties


  • Fixing LocalJumpError caused by next instead of return helper methods


  • 491 - Return best host for docker to connect
  • 495 - iptables opts shouldn't be forced to true/false
  • 497 - Removing property_is_set so timeout pick up defaults


  • Converted resources from LWRP to Chef 12.5 Custom Resources
  • Added dependency on compat_resource cookbook, works back to 12.0.0
  • Various fixes around sysvinit scripts in docker_service
  • Total backwards compatibility with recipes written for chef-docker 1.x


  • Handling NilClass error on docker_image default creds handling


  • Adding a 20 try timeout to the docker_wait_ready block


  • 484 - Fall back to creds for on image pull


  • 438 - Adding per-resource host property to docker_image and
  • docker_container


  • Allow :redeploy on missing containers
  • TLS fixes
  • Updating sysvinit script to use docker_opts


  • Adding Label support for docker_container


  • Switching docker_service sysvinit provider from ::Insserv to ::Debian


  • Fix for docker_service to allow setting icc to false
  • Get chefspec happy on latest nightly chefdk again
  • Accepting both String and Array for default_ulimit


  • Refactoring broken sysvinit scripts
  • 421 - Adding docker-wait-ready blocks
  • Discovered TLS verification is broken. Disabling for now.


  • Fixing broken Chef::Provider::DockerService::Execute


  • Various fixes around sysvinit


  • docker_container - enabling Docker CLI syntax for ulimits


  • Adding tests for #416


  • Replacing docker_log helper function with docker_service.logfile


  • Creating DockerHelpers::Service namespace and moving appropriate methods into it.
  • Start of load_current_resource implementation for docker_service for #423


  • notifying new_resource to restart when updating docker_bin


  • Registry authentication fixes and slight docker_image refactor
  • Updates for foodcritic and travis


  • 451 Changed default docker_container memory_swap to prevent unwanted redeploys.


  • 447 - Fix for log-config driver type
  • 448 - Fix unwanted redeploys due to calculation of exposed_port changes.
  • 450 - Treat docker_container volumes attribute as unmanaged to prevent redeploys


  • 427 - Qualify port bindings with protocol even when implicitly tcp.
  • 443 - Added docker_container log_driver and log_opts attributes.
  • Changing docker_image read_timeout default to 60
  • Misc cleanup for README and Gemfile


  • 432 Fixing :redeploy so it returns the container the correct state
  • (create vs run)
  • Fixing blank variable interpolation in tmpfiles.d/docker.conf


  • Adding journald gelf and fluentd to logging driver whitelist
  • Allow specifying multiple DNS servers for docker_service


  • Cleaning up code duplication across docker_service init templates


  • switching from to


  • Updating checksum in specs for 1.8.2
  • Downloading over https
  • Removing nonexistent action :enable from docker_service


  • 410 - Fixing Dockerfile override behavior for hostname and ulimits
  • on api 1.9
  • Upgrading to Docker 1.8.2 for default version


  • Fixing Dockerfile / resource override behavior for working_dir


  • Removed patch authentication header to bundled docker-api gem
  • Moved credential reset logic into image provider


  • 379 and #356 - patching vendored docker-api gem authentication headers


  • Handling the situation where USER COMMAND ENV and ENTRYPOINT are set in
  • an image build, but not in a docker_container resource


  • Raising error on authentication error in docker_registry
  • Allowing an array for storage_opts in docker_service
  • Fixing parsed_checksum in docker_service
  • Fixing entrypoint parsing in docker_container


  • Removing leftover log resources used for debugging in development


  • Fixing up regressions in older Docker API versions introduced in cookbook release 1.0.15
  • _ Adding @api_version instance variable
  • Adding serialized_log_config
  • Adding parsed_network_mode


  • Adding CIDR support for docker_service bip property


  • 309 - Adding bits to enable container re-deployment when properties change


  • Adding api read and write timeouts


  • Fixing docker_service CLI argument generation for log-driver mtu and pidfile


  • Fixing platform_family string (redhat -> rhel) in docker_service sysvinit provider


  • Renaming retries to api_retries to not conflict with Chef::Resource


  • Accepting userland-proxy flag
  • Fix bug in parsed_storage_driver method
  • Correcting usage of ip_forwarding flag
  • Let Docker pick --log-level instead of defaulting to :info


  • Fixing Upstart respawn limit


  • 382 - Fixing docker_service to accept an array for storage_opt


  • 381 - Removing prepended whitespace in DOCKER_OPTS


  • 369 - Fixing up HostConfig.NetworkMode to work as expected


  • 241 - Only updating docker_image resource on :pull if new bits were pulled
  • on tag (useful for latest)
  • Changing docker_image default action to :pull


  • 368 - Fixing port property to be kind_of [String, Array]
  • Adding missing detach property. Defaulting to false.


  • 366 - Using docker_kernel instead of docker_arch in parsed_checksum


  • 365 - Fix logic for parsing an array of hosts
  • 363 - Allow an array for port property


  • Switching docker_service default TLS setting to false to it works
  • out of the box


  • vendoring the docker-api rubygem
  • docker_image and docker_container resources now use speak to the
  • Docker Remote API instead of shelling out
  • docker_containers must now have unique names
  • "volumes" property now acts like the VOLUMES directive in a Dockerfile
  • added "binds" property for local mounting
  • standardizing on "repo" and "tag" as components of an image
  • identifier

v0.43.0 (2015-07-28)

  • Updating README to reflect docker_image and docker_tag reality
  • Implementing rm, noprune, nocache and force on docker_image

v0.42.0 (2015-07-28)

  • removing docker_image :load and :tag action
  • adding docker_tag resource
  • renaming docker_tag image_name property to :repo; creating alias
  • implementing docker_image :push action

v0.41.0 (2015-07-26)

  • vendoring docker-api rubygem
  • beginning work to convert docker_image to use native API instead of shelling out
  • changing docker_image default action to :pull_if_missing
  • removing some deprecated interfaces

v0.40.3 (2015-07-14)

  • remove --no-trunc from docker container status in sysvinit script
  • 334 - docker_container tag property (issue 320)
  • 331 - docker_container ulimit property
  • 328 - Upstart job respawn status detection
  • 326 - Upstart job restart behavior fix sysvinit script examples
  • 236 - README#324 - Reference DOCKER_OPTS Amazon Linux#325

v0.40.2 (2015-07-14)

  • Support for older Chef versions

v0.40.1 (2015-07-08)

  • Changing host property to kind_of Array

v0.40.0 (2015-06-29)

Important changes with this release:

  • Recipes replaced with docker_service resource*
  • Removing a ton of dependencies
  • Storage backends, kernel module loading, etc should now be handled externally
  • Updating for Docker 1.6.2
  • Preferring binary install method to OS packages


  • attributes/ will be removed in the next release.
  • most are currently non-functional
  • All options will be driven through resource properties


Please note some important changes with this release:

  • The sysconfig DOCKER_OPTS improvement in #250 can potentially change the behavior of that environment variable as it now allows shell interpolation of any embedded variables. This should not affect most environments. If your DOCKER_OPTS does contains any expected $, please escape via \$ for previous behavior or be sure it will behave as expected before upgrading.
  • The daemon restart option (which is deprecated) has been defaulted to nil instead of false when node['docker']['container_init_type'] is set to prevent issues with container restart policies. If you're dependent on the daemon option, please be sure to update your node['docker']['restart'] appropriately.
  • This release also defaults systemd docker host to fd:// to match upstream, enabling socket activation properly. Adjust node['docker']['host'] if necessary.
  • Bugfix: #239: Upstart: install inotify tools only once (avoid CHEF-3694 warning) (thanks jperville)
  • Bugfix: #240: Fixed dead service containers not being restarted on docker_container :run (thanks jperville)
  • Bugfix: #244: Made docker_container action :remove remove the actual upstart service file (thanks jperville)
  • Bugfix: #246: Lengthen shell_out timeout as workaround for slow docker_container action stop (thanks jperville)
  • Bugfix: #258: Fix checking docker container status on debian (thanks fxposter)
  • Bugfix: #260: Fix accidental port changing when using systemd templates (thanks fxposter)
  • Bugfix: #266: Get tests working on master (thanks tduffield)
  • Bugfix: #267: Replace outdated testcontainerd (thanks tduffield)
  • Bugfix: #269: Fix tests on Travis by following Rubocop style guidelines (container LWRP) (thanks fxposter)
  • Bugfix: #280 / #281: Fix port handling when omitted in container LWRP (thanks databus23)
  • Bugfix: #284 / #285: runit finish script to stop a container (thanks xmik)
  • Bugfix: [#288][]: Fix docker.socket unit for RHEL7 (thanks databus23)
  • Bugfix: #292: readme formatting fix (thanks wormzer)
  • Improvement: #208: Add CentOS/RHEL 7 support (thanks dermusikman and intoximeters)
  • Improvement: #232: Added support for insecure-registry docker daemon option (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #233 / #234: Added support for registry-mirror docker daemon option (thanks jperville and tarnfeld)
  • Improvement: #237: Deprecate the restart daemon option (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #238: Added docker_container restart attribute (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #242: Added docker_container action :create (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #245: Add a Gitter chat badge to (thanks tduffield)
  • Improvement: #250: Use double-quotes for DOCKER_OPTS (thanks rchekaluk)
  • Improvement: #259: Use registry on image inspection (thanks fxposter)
  • Improvement: #263: Add additional_host attribute to container resource (thanks fxposter)
  • Improvement: #264 / #265: Access on port 80 (thanks sauraus)
  • Improvement: #268: Updated the /etc/init/docker.conf template (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #276: Added support for docker options device and cap-add (thanks hvolkmer)
  • Improvement: #279: Allow docker_container memory to have String value (eg. memory='1G') (thanks jperville)
  • Improvement: #287: redhat 7 does not need the epel repository (thanks databus23)
  • Improvement: #289: Update systemd service/socket files (from upstream) (thanks databus23)
  • Improvement: #296: Default systemd to fd:// as well as use upstream MountFlags=slave and LimitCORE=infinity
  • Improvement: #297: Update docker daemon SysV init scripts with upstream improvements
  • Improvement: #298: Further deprecate daemon restart flag by default, which interferes with restart policies


  • Bugfix: #181: Fixed remove_link action (thanks jperville).
  • Bugfix: #185: Fix for non idempotent run action on docker_container (thanks bplunkert).
  • Bugfix: #188: Applied temporary workaround to address the libcgmanager error to users running LXC on Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Bugfix: #196: Address Helpers module naming conflict (thanks sethrosenblum).
  • Bugfix: #200: Fix how service actions are handled by docker_container resource (thanks brianhartsock).
  • Bugfix: #202: Correctly check for the kernel.release version on Debian (thanks Tritlo, paweloczadly).
  • Bugfix: #203: Fix pull notifications for tagged images (thanks hobofan).
  • Bugfix: #205: Fix assignments in docker_container provider (thanks jperville).
  • Bugfix: #206: Fixes to container name detection (thanks jperville).
  • Enhancement: #217: Explicitly set key and keyserver for docker apt repository (thanks sethrosenblum).
  • Improvement: Pull in init script changes from upstream for sysv and systemd.
  • Bugfix: #219: Explicitly set Upstart provider for Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 (thanks methodx).
  • Improvement: #220: Create graph directory if it is specified (thanks jontg).
  • Bugfix: #224: Fix runit container template to properly use exec (thanks waisbrot).
  • Bugfix: Appropriately check for LXC when using the binary recipe on Fedora.
  • Bugfix: Implement workaround for docker/docker#2702 on Ubuntu 14.10.
  • Enhancement: #221: Added NO_PROXY support (thanks jperville).
  • Various Test Suite Modifications

    • Enhancement: #192: Allow image tags in serverspec matching (thanks bplunkert).
    • Bugfix: #223: Convert a few occurrences of old 'should' rspec syntax to 'expect' (thanks jperville).
    • Disable a few platforms that are experiencing bugs unrelated to core functionality.
    • Address ChefSpec 4.1 deprecation warnings.
    • Update Berksfile to reference instead of


  • Bugfix: #171: Default Ubuntu 14.04 to Docker PPA
  • Bugfix: #175: Do not set --selinux-enabled in opts unless explicitly defined for older versions
  • Bugfix: #176: Use docker host attribute in docker_container Upstart inotifywait


  • Bugfix: #172: Generate no cidfile by default, even when deploying as service
  • Bugfix: #173: Updated docker upstart script (should fix service docker restart)


After a long personal hiatus (sorry!), this is the last minor release before 1.0 of the cookbook. If you can handle the Docker port number change and don't use anything deprecated, upgrading to 1.0.X from 0.35.X of the cookbook should be very easy.

This release has a bunch of changes and hasn't been fully tested yet. Wanted to get it out there for broad testing. Please use caution!

Major kudos to @tduffield for the #147 PR, which includes:

  • Binary Installation

    • Added missing dependency resolution for using the binary.
  • Dependency Checks

    • Added docker::dep_check that will take an action if certain dependencies are not met.
    • node[docker][alert_on_error_action] = :fatal will kill the chef run and print the error message.
    • node[docker][alert_on_error_action] = :warn will print the error message but continue with the chef run. There is no guarantee that it will succeed though.
  • KitchenCI

    • Copied MiniTests to ServerSpec Tests
    • Added new platforms (Debian 7.4)
    • Changed provisioner from chef-solo to chef-zero
    • Removed Ubuntu 12.10 because it is not supported by Docker and the Kernel is bad and fails all the tests.
    • Removed tests for the source recipe. The dotcloud/docker repo actually doesn't build any Go deliverables.
    • I think that the source recipe needs to be completely refactored.

Other awesome work merged:

  • #142: Bugfix: Redeploy breaks when a link is present
  • #139/#153/#154/#156/#157: Bugfix: container/image ID given as nil, fixes deprecated -notrunc
  • #164: Bugfix: Removing a container should also remove its cidfile
  • #166: Bugfix: Fix docker_inspect_id for Docker 1.0+
  • #158/#160/#165: Bugfix: Fix NameError when displaying error messages for timed-out commands
  • #169: Bugfix: Specify Upstart as service provider for cgroup on Ubuntu 14.04 (workaround for CHEF-5276, fixed in Chef 11.14)
  • #137/#138: Enhancement: Experimental Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support
  • #144: Enhancement: Experimental Amazon linux support
  • #150/#152: Enhancement: Add net attribute, deprecate networking
  • #168: Enhancement: Allow override of package name
  • #161: Enhancement: Add minitest case for SysV service
  • #149: Enhancement: Add --selinux-enabled daemon flag
  • Enhancement: container LWRP remove_link and remove_volume actions
  • Enhancement: Add storage-opt daemon flag
  • Enhancement: Add Docker 0.11.0, 0.11.1, 0.12.0, 1.0.0, 1.0.1 binary checksums


  • #141: Bugfix/Enhancement: Fix and enhance docker_image pull/push behavior with Docker 0.10

    • Removes deprecated --registry and --tag CLI args from docker_image pull
    • Adds support for registry attribute usage in docker_image pull and push
    • Adds support for tag attribute usage in docker_image push


  • #134: Bugfix: Fix docker_registry login handling, fixes #114


Attributes now available for all docker daemon flags as well as system IP forwarding.

  • REMOVED: container_dns_ attributes (use replacement dns_ attributes on daemon for all containers or docker_container dns* attributes instead)
  • DEPRECATED: bind_* attributes to match docker terminology (use host attribute instead)
  • Bugfix: #132: Do Not Explicitly Set storage_driver Attribute
  • Bugfix: #133: Remove explicit false defaults in resources
  • Bugfix: #114: Error executing action login on resource docker_registry
  • Enhancement: #115: Add IP forwarding attributes
  • Enhancement: #116: Docker 0.10.0: Add --no-prune to docker rmi
  • Enhancement: #117: Docker 0.10.0: Add --output flag to docker save (as well as tag support)
  • Enhancement: #118: Docker 0.10.0: Add --input flag to docker load
  • Enhancement: #119: Docker 0.10.0: Add support for --env-file to load environment variables from files
  • Enhancement: #120: Docker 0.10.0: Deprecate docker insert
  • Enhancement: #123: Add docker kill --signal
  • Enhancement: #124: Add all docker daemon options as attributes
  • Enhancement: #125: Use dns* attributes to set docker daemon options, not defaults per-container
  • Enhancement: #128: Add checksum attribute for binary downloads
  • Enhancement: #126: Set long option names for specified docker daemon options
  • Enhancement: #127: Use a helper function to specify single line docker daemon options


  • Bugfix: #112: Defines runner methods for ChefSpec matchers
  • Bugfix: #113: [D-15] Fedora 19 installs Docker 0.8.1, does not have the -G or -e flag


This release deprecates AUFS/device-mapper handling from chef-docker, but provides backwards compatibility by still including the default recipe of the new cookbooks. Please update your dependencies, Github watching/issues, and recipes to reflect the two new community cookbooks:

  • aufs: aufs on community site / chef-aufs on Github
  • device-mapper: device-mapper on community site / chef-device-mapper on Github
  • Bugfix: #109: Remove on lxc-net start from docker Upstart
  • Enhancement: #88: Migrate AUFS logic to separate cookbook
  • Enhancement: #90: Migrate device-mapper logic to separate cookbook
  • Enhancement: #110: Add docker Upstart pre-start script and limits configuration
  • Enhancement: #105: Add --label for docker run
  • Enhancement: #106: Add --opt for docker run
  • Enhancement: #107: Add --networking for docker run
  • Enhancement: #108: Add --dns-search for docker run
  • Enhancement: #104: Add TMPDIR
  • Enhancement: #111: Add DOCKER_LOGFILE configuration
  • Enhancement: container_dns* attributes to set --dns and --dns-search for all containers


  • Bugfix: #101: Explicitly install lxc on Ubuntu (when lxc is exec_driver; continue to fully support LXC as a default installation path since its been since Docker 0.1)
  • Bugfix: #103: Fix host argument (in docker run)


  • Bugfix: #98: Ensure Ruby 1.8 syntax is supported
  • Bugfix: Skip empty Array values in cli_args helper


If you're using CentOS/RHEL with EPEL, upcoming docker-io 0.9.0 package upgrade can be tracked at Bugzilla 1074880

This release includes Docker 0.9.0 changes and defaults, such as setting exec_driver to libcontainer ("native"), setting -rm on docker build, double dash arguments on the CLI, additional flags, etc.

  • DEPRECATED: Rename storage_type attribute to storage_driver to match Docker terminology (storage_type will be removed in chef-docker 1.0)
  • DEPRECATED: Rename virtualization_type attribute to exec_driver to match Docker terminology (virtualization_type will be removed in chef-docker 1.0)
  • Bugfix: #80: Use double dashed arguments on CLI
  • Bugfix: Surround String values on CLI with quotes
  • Enhancement: #77: Improved docker ps handling
  • Enhancement: #78: Docker 0.9.0: Make --rm the default for docker build
  • Enhancement: #81: Docker 0.9.0: Add a -G option to specify the group which unix sockets belong
  • Enhancement: #82: Docker 0.9.0: Add -f flag to docker rm to force removal of running containers
  • Enhancement: Add -f flag for docker rmi to force removal of images
  • Enhancement: #83: Docker 0.9.0: Add DOCKER_RAMDISK environment variable to make Docker work when the root is on a ramdisk
  • Enhancement: #84: Docker 0.9.0: Add -e flag for execution driver
  • Enhancement: #85: Docker 0.9.0: Default to libcontainer
  • Enhancement: #86: Add Chefspec LWRP matchers


Lots of init love this release. Now supporting runit.

Please note change of storage_type attribute from devmapper to devicemapper (and associated recipe name change) to match docker's name for the driver.

Cookbook now automatically adds -s option to init configurations if storage_type is defined, which is it by default. If you were specifying -s in the options attribute, you no longer need to do so. In my quick testing, docker daemon doesn't seem to mind if -s is specified twice on startup, although you'll probably want to get rid of the extra specification.

I've also dropped the LANG= and LC_ALL= locale environment settings from the Upstart job configuration. Its not specified in the default docker job. Please open an issue in docker project and here if for some reason this is actually necessary.

  • Bugfix: Match devicemapper storage_type attribute to match docker driver name (along with recipe name)
  • Enhancement: #72: Add initial runit init_type
  • Enhancement: #60: Automatically set docker -d -s from storage_type attribute
  • Enhancement: Simplify default/sysconfig file into one template (docker.sysconfig.erb) and source into SysV/Upstart init configurations
  • Enhancement: Add Debian docker daemon SysV init template


  • Bugfix: #68: Fix CommandTimeout handling in LWRPs
  • Bugfix: #67: Fix argument order to pull when tag specified


Public or private registry login should now correctly occur and login once per credentials change.

  • Bugfix: #64: Correct CLI ordering of registry login
  • Bugfix: #65: login command skipped in registry provider
  • Enhancement: registry provider current resource attributes loaded from .dockercfg


Awesome work by @jcrobak to close out two issues (#49 and #52) with #62. Note change below in image build action.

  • Bugfix: #52: return codes of docker commands not verified
  • Bugfix: Add missing pull_if_missing action to image resource
  • Enhancement: #56: Switch build action to build_if_missing, build action now builds each run (be careful with image growth!)
  • Enhancement: #59: Add Mac OS X installation support
  • Enhancement: #49: Add docker_cmd_timeout attribute and daemon verification
  • Enhancement: #58: Add container redeploy action
  • Enhancement: #63: Add group_members attribute and group recipe to manage docker group


  • Enhancement: #57: Implement id checking when determining current_resource

    • Added to both container and image LWRPs
  • Enhancement: Set created and status attributes for current container resources (for handlers, wrappers, etc.)

  • Enhancement: Set created and virtual_size attributes for image resource (for handlers, wrappers, etc.)


  • Enhancement: #55: image LWRP pull action now attempts pull every run (use pull_if_missing action for old behavior)


  • Bugfix: #51: container LWRP current_resource attribute matching should also depend on container_name


  • Enhancement: #48: Accept FalseClass CLI arguments (also explicitly declare =true for TrueClass CLI arguments)


  • Bugfix: Add SysV init script for binary installs
  • Enhancement: Add storage_type and virtualization_type attributes
  • Enhancement: Initial devmapper support for binary installs on CentOS/Ubuntu
  • Enhancement: #47 Debian-specific container SysV init script
  • Enhancement: #46 Add rm attribute for build action on image LWRP
  • Enhancement: Add no_cache attribute for build action on image LWRP


  • Bugfix: #44 Add missing run attribute for commit action on container LWRP


  • DEPRECATED: image LWRP dockerfile, image_url, and path attributes (replaced with source attribute)
  • Bugfix: Use docker_cmd for container LWRP remove and restart actions
  • Enhancement: Add registry LWRP with login action
  • Enhancement: Standardize on "smart" and reusable destination and source attributes for container and image LWRPs to define paths/URLs for various operations
  • Enhancement: Add commit, cp, export, and kill actions to container LWRP
  • Enhancement: Add insert, load, push, save, and tag actions to image LWRP
  • Enhancement: Add local file and directory support to import action of image LWRP
  • Enhancement: Add Array support to container LWRP link attribute
  • Enhancement: Cleaned up LWRP documentation


  • Bugfix: #43 Better formatting for container LWRP debug logging


  • Bugfix: Explicitly declare depends and supports in metadata
  • Bugfix: Handle container run action if container exists but isn't running


  • Bugfix: #42 fix(upstart): Install inotify-tools if using upstart
  • Enhancement: #38 Allow a user to specify a custom template for their container init configuration


  • Bugfix: #39 Fix NoMethodError bugs in docker::aufs recipe


  • Bugfix: Default oracle init_type to sysv
  • Enhancement: Experimental Debian 7 package support
  • Enhancement: Use new yum-epel cookbook instead of yum::epel recipe
  • Enhancement: Use value_for_platform where applicable in attributes, requires Chef 11


  • Enhancement: #35 Use kernel release for package name on saucy and newer
  • Enhancement: #37 dont include aufs recipe on ubuntu 13.10 and up; don't require docker::lxc for package installs


  • Enhancement: #31 More helpful cmd_timeout error messages and catchable exceptions for container (Chef::Provider::Docker::Container::CommandTimeout) and image (Chef::Provider::Docker::Image::CommandTimeout) LWRPs



  • Bugfix: #30 apt-get throws exit code 100 when upgrading docker


  • Enhancement: Add node['docker']['version'] attribute to handle version for all install_type (recommended you switch to this)
  • Enhancement: default['docker']['binary']['version'] attribute uses node['docker']['version'] if set
  • Enhancement: Add version handling to package recipe


  • Bugfix: Remove ExecStartPost from systemd service to match change in docker-io-0.7.0-13


  • Enhancement: CentOS/RHEL 6 package support via EPEL repository
  • Enhancement: Fedora 19/20 package support now in updates (stable) repository
  • Enhancement: sysv recipe and init_type


  • Removed: configuration recipe (see bugfix below)
  • Removed: config_dir attribute (see bugfix below)
  • Bugfix: Revert back to specifying HTTP_PROXY and "DOCKER_OPTS" natively in systemd/Upstart (mostly to fix up systemd support)
  • Bugfix: Add systemctl --system daemon-reload handling to systemd service template
  • Bugfix: Add || true to container systemd/Upstart pre-start in case already running
  • Bugfix: Locale environment already handled automatically by systemd
  • Enhancement: Switch Fedora package installation from goldmann-docker to Fedora updates-testing repository
  • Enhancement: Switch container LWRPs to named containers on Fedora since now supported
  • Enhancement: Update docker systemd service contents from docker-io-0.7.0-12.fc20

    • Add: Wants/After firewalld.service
    • Add: ExecStartPost firewall-cmd
    • Remove: ExecStartPost iptables commands


  • Bugfix: Remove protocol from docker systemd ListenStreams
  • Bugfix: Lengthen shell_out timeout for stop action in container LWRP to workaround Fedora being slow
  • Enhancement: Add service creation to container LWRP by default

    • Please thoroughly test before putting into production!
    • set['docker']['container_init_type'] = false or add init_type false for the LWRP to disable this behavior
  • Enhancement: Add configuration recipe with template

  • Enhancement: Add container_cmd_timeout attribute to easily set global container LWRP cmd_timeout default

  • Enhancement: Add image_cmd_timeout attribute to easily set global image LWRP cmd_timeout default

  • Enhancement: Add cookbook attribute to container LWRP

  • Enhancement: Add init_type attribute to container LWRP

  • Enhancement: Add locale support for Fedora

  • Enhancement: Fail Chef run if docker run command errors


  • Enhancement: Fedora 19/20 package support via Goldmann docker repo
  • Enhancement: docker.service / docker.socket systemd support
  • Enhancement: Add node['docker']['init_type'] attribute for controlling init system


  • Bugfix: #27 Only use command to determine running container if provided
  • Bugfix: #28 Upstart requires full stop and start of service instead of restart if job configuration changes while already running. Note even initctl reload-configuration isn't working as expected from
  • Enhancement: #26 Add ability to set package action


  • Bugfix: Move LWRP updated_on_last_action(true) calls so only triggered when something actually gets updated
  • Enhancement: Add container LWRP wait action
  • Enhancement: Add attach and stdin args to container LWRP start action
  • Enhancement: Add link arg to container LWRP remove action
  • Enhancement: Use cmd_timeout in container LWRP stop action arguments


  • Bugfix: Add default bind_uri (nil) to default attributes
  • Enhancement: #24 bind_socket attribute added


  • DEPRACATION: container LWRP Fixnum port attribute: use full String notation from Docker documentation in port attribute instead
  • DEPRACATION: container LWRP public_port attribute: use port attribute instead
  • Enhancement: Additional container LWRP attributes:

    • cidfile
    • container_name
    • cpu_shares
    • dns
    • expose
    • link
    • lxc_conf
    • publish_exposed_ports
    • remove_automatically
    • volumes_from
  • Enhancement: Support Array in container LWRP attributes:

    • env
    • port
    • volume


  • Bugfix: Set default cmd_timeout in image LWRP to 300 instead of 60 because downloading images can take awhile
  • Enhancement: Change docker_test Dockerfile FROM to already downloaded busybox image instead of ubuntu
  • Enhancement: Add vagrant-cachier to Vagrantfile

Other behind the scenes changes:

  • Made cookbook code Rubocop compliant
  • Move licensing information to LICENSE file
  • Updated .travis.yml and Gemfile


  • Enhancement: #22 cmd_timeout, path (image LWRP), working_directory (container LWRP) LWRP attributes
  • Bugfix: #25 Install Go environment only when installing from source


  • Fix to upstart recipe to not restart service constantly (only on initial install and changes)


  • image LWRP now supports non-stdin build and import actions (thanks @wingrunr21!)


  • Fix in aufs recipe for FC048 Prefer Mixlib::ShellOut


Lots of community contributions this release -- thanks!

  • image LWRP now supports builds via Dockerfile
  • Additional privileged, public_port, and stdin parameters for container LWRP
  • Support specifying binary version for installation
  • Fix upstart configuration customization when installing via Apt packages
  • Default to Golang 1.1


  • Use HTTPS for Apt repository


  • Update APT repository information for Docker 0.6+


  • Change Upstart config to start on runlevels [2345] instead of just 3


  • Change env HTTP_PROXY to export HTTP_PROXY in Upstart configuration


  • Add bind_uri and options attributes


  • Add http_proxy attribute


  • Docker now provides precise/quantal/raring distributions for their PPA
  • Tested Ubuntu 13.04 support


  • Initial container LWRP


  • Initial image LWRP


  • Initial release

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