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docker (420) Versions 0.22.0

Provides docker_service, docker_image, and docker_container resources

cookbook 'docker', '= 0.22.0', :supermarket
cookbook 'docker', '= 0.22.0'
knife supermarket install docker
knife supermarket download docker
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chef-docker Build Status


Installs/Configures Docker. Please see []( for more information about Docker versions that are tested and supported by cookbook versions along with LWRP features.

This cookbook was inspired by @thoward's docker-cookbook:



  • CentOS 6
  • Fedora 19
  • Fedora 20
  • Oracle 6
  • RHEL 6
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Ubuntu 12.10
  • Ubuntu 13.04
  • Ubuntu 13.10 (experimental)


Opscode Cookbooks

Third-Party Cookbooks


These attributes are under the node['docker'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
arch Architecture for docker binary (note: Docker only currently supports x86_64) String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)
bind_socket Socket path that docker should bind String unix:///var/run/docker.sock
bind_uri TCP URI docker should bind String nil
container_cmd_timeout container LWRP default cmd_timeout seconds Fixnum 60
container_init_type Init type for docker containers (nil, "systemd", or "upstart") NilClass or String node['docker']['init_type']
http_proxy HTTP_PROXY environment variable String nil
image_cmd_timeout image LWRP default cmd_timeout seconds Fixnum 300
init_type Init type for docker ("systemd", "sysv", or "upstart") String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)
install_dir Installation directory for docker binary String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)
install_type Installation type for docker ("binary", "package" or "source") String "package"
options Additional options to pass to docker. These could be flags like "-api-enable-cors". String nil
version Version of docker String nil

Binary Attributes

These attributes are under the node['docker']['binary'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
version Version of docker binary String `node['docker']['version']
url URL for downloading docker binary String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)

Package Attributes

These attributes are under the node['docker']['package'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
distribution Distribution for docker packages String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)
repo_url Repository URL for docker packages String auto-detected (see attributes/default.rb)

Source Attributes

These attributes are under the node['docker']['source'] namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
ref Repository reference for docker source String "master"
url Repository URL for docker source String ""


  • recipe[docker] Installs/Configures Docker
  • recipe[docker::aufs] Installs/Loads AUFS Linux module
  • recipe[docker::binary] Installs Docker binary
  • recipe[docker::cgroups] Installs/configures default platform Control Groups support
  • recipe[docker::lxc] Installs/configures default platform LXC support
  • recipe[docker::package] Installs Docker via package
  • recipe[docker::source] Installs Docker via source
  • recipe[docker::systemd] Installs/Starts Docker via systemd
  • recipe[docker::sysv] Installs/Starts Docker via SysV
  • recipe[docker::upstart] Installs/Starts Docker via Upstart



By default, this will handle creating a service for the container when action is run or start. set['docker']['container_init_type'] = false or add init_type false for LWRP to disable this behavior.

These attributes are under the docker_container LWRP namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
attach Attach container's stdout/stderr and forward all signals to the process TrueClass, FalseClass nil
cidfile File to store container ID String nil
cmd_timeout Timeout for docker commands (catchable exception: Chef::Provider::Docker::Container::CommandTimeout) Integer node['docker']['container_cmd_timeout']
command Command to run in container String nil
container_name Name for container/service String nil
cookbook Cookbook to grab any templates String docker
cpu_shares CPU shares for container Fixnum nil
detach Detach from container when starting TrueClass, FalseClass nil
dns DNS servers for container String, Array nil
entrypoint Overwrite the default entrypoint set by the image String nil
env Environment variables to pass to container String, Array nil
expose Expose a port from the container without publishing it to your host Fixnum, String, Array nil
hostname Container hostname String nil
id Container ID (internally set by LWRP) String nil
image Image for container String LWRP name
init_type Init type for container service handling FalseClass, String node['docker']['container_init_type']
link Add link to another container String nil
lxc_conf Custom LXC options String, Array nil
memory Set memory limit for container Fixnum nil
port Map network port(s) to the container Fixnum (DEPRECATED), String, Array nil
privileged Give extended privileges TrueClass, FalseClass nil
public_port (DEPRECATED) Map host port to container Fixnum nil
publish_exposed_ports Publish all exposed ports to the host interfaces TrueClass, FalseClass false
remove_automatically Automatically remove the container when it exits (incompatible with detach) TrueClass, FalseClass false
running Container running status (internally set by LWRP) TrueClass, FalseClass nil
stdin Attach container's stdin TrueClass, FalseClass nil
tty Allocate a pseudo-tty TrueClass, FalseClass nil
user User to run container String nil
volume Create bind mount(s) with: [host-dir]:[container-dir]:[rw ro]. If "container-dir" is missing, then docker creates a new volume. String, Array
volumes_from Mount all volumes from the given container(s) String nil
working_directory Working directory inside the container String nil

Run a container:

docker_container "busybox" do
  command "sleep 9999"
  detach true

Run a container from image (docker-registry for example):

docker_container "docker-registry" do
  image "samalba/docker-registry"
  detach true
  hostname "xx.xx.xx.xx"
  port 5000
  env "SETTINGS_FLAVOR=local"
  volume "/mnt/docker:/docker-storage"

Stop a running container:

docker_container "busybox" do
  command "sleep 9999"
  action :stop

Start a stopped container:

docker_container "busybox" do
  command "sleep 9999"
  action :start

Restart a container:

docker_container "busybox" do
  command "sleep 9999"
  action :restart

Remove a container:

docker_container "busybox" do
  command "sleep 9999"
  action :remove


These attributes are under the docker_image LWRP namespace.

Attribute Description Type Default
cmd_timeout Timeout for docker commands (catchable exception: Chef::Provider::Docker::Image::CommandTimeout) Integer node['docker']['image_cmd_timeout']
dockerfile Dockerfile to build image String nil
id Image ID (internally set by LWRP) String nil
image_name Image name String LWRP name
image_url URL to grab image String nil
installed Image installation status (internally set by LWRP) TrueClass, FalseClass nil
installed_tag - String nil
path Local path to files String nil
registry Registry server String nil
repository Remote repository String nil
tag Specific tag for image String nil

Build image from Dockerfile:

docker_image "myImage" do
  tag "myTag"
  dockerfile myImageDockerfile
  action :build

Build image from remote repository:

docker_image "myImage" do
  image_url ""
  tag "myTag"
  action :build

Pull latest image:

docker_image "busybox"

Pull tagged image:

docker_image "bflad/test" do
  tag "not-latest"

Import image from URL:

docker_image "test" do
  image_url ""
  action :import

Import image from URL with repository/tag information:

docker_image "test" do
  repository "bflad/test"
  tag "not-latest"
  action :import

Remove image:

docker_image "busybox" do
  action :remove


Default Installation

  • Add recipe[docker] to your node's run list

Testing and Development

  • Quickly testing with Vagrant: [](
  • Full development and testing workflow with Test Kitchen and friends: [](


Please see contributing information in: [](



Please see licensing information in: [LICENSE](LICENSE)

Dependent cookbooks

apt >= 0.0.0
git >= 0.0.0
golang >= 0.0.0
lxc >= 0.0.0
modules >= 0.0.0
yum >= 0.0.0

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