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chz-firewall (6) Versions 0.2.1

Installs/Configures firewalls

cookbook 'chz-firewall', '= 0.2.1', :supermarket
cookbook 'chz-firewall', '= 0.2.1'
knife supermarket install chz-firewall
knife supermarket download chz-firewall
Quality -%


Firewall cookbook for Windows and GNU/Linux applications, developed at Cheezburger Inc.


New BSD License


Windows, Ubuntu, or RHEL based


['chz-firewall']['version'] Integer, if changed firewall will reload on windows.
Linux firewall is dynamic with attribute changes
['chz-firewall']['whitelist'] Array of IPs to whitelist
['chz-firewall']['blacklist'] Array of IPs to blacklist
['chz-firewall']['enable_ping'] Boolean, to allow incoming ping
['chz-firewall']['tcp_in'] Array of ports to open
['chz-firewall']['tcp_out'] Same
['chz-firewall']['udp_in'] Same
['chz-firewall']['udp_out'] Same
['chz-firewall']['firewall_type'] Iptables or windows autodetected, csf ( partial support
['chz-firewall']['whitelist_interfaces'] = [ "lo" ]
['chz-firewall']['enable_vrrp'] Boolean, to enable vrrp (for keepalived to work)
['chz-firewall']['default_deny_in'] Boolean, drops unmatched traffic in if true
['chz-firewall']['default_deny_out'] Boolean, drops unmatched traffic out if true
['chz-firewall']['allow_established'] Boolean, allows established connections if true


Use default recipe for default rules with iptables or windows firewall.
Use attribute overrides to change settings.
Create databag 'chz-firewall' to optionally store whitelist and blacklist ip addresses with metadata. Example below:

"id": "office_ip_1",
"type": "whitelist",
"ip": "",
"desc": "Generic ISP office IP"

Use type blacklist to create a blacklist item.


Not all attributes are yet supported by all types of firewalls. Vrrp and interface whitelist do not work in windows.
Tested on Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 2012 and 2008r2.

Dependent cookbooks

powershell >= 0.0.0

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