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autopatch_ii (16) Versions 1.0.3

Installs/Configures autopatch_ii

cookbook 'autopatch_ii', '= 1.0.3', :supermarket
cookbook 'autopatch_ii', '= 1.0.3'
knife supermarket install autopatch_ii
knife supermarket download autopatch_ii
Quality 83%

Chef cookbook
Code Climate
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Chef Cookbook for automatically patching nodes on a specific schedule (weekday, hour, and minute). Handles weekly or monthly patching routines with or without node splay for large environments.

Much of this code was copied from chef cookbook auto-patch written by Brian Flad. I've modified it to work with windows and use windows more flexible task scheduling with some magic to get it to also work with linux cron.



  • RHEL based platforms
  • Windows


  • cron
  • logrotate


Attribute Default Comment
['autopatch_ii']['disable'] false Boolean, enable or disable patches
['autopatch_ii']['domain'] '' String, Domain server resides in
['autopatch_ii']['task_username'] 'SYSTEM' String, Used only for winows task scheduling
['autopatch_ii']['task_frequency'] :monthly Symbol, one of either :monthly or :weekly
['autopatch_ii']['task_frequency_modifier'] 'THIRD' String, used to denote which week of the month you want to run the task
['autopatch_ii']['task_months'] 'JAN,FEB,MAR,APR,MAY,JUN,JUL,AUG,SEP,OCT,NOV' String, CSV list of short names for months you want the task to run in, * is used for all months
['autopatch_ii']['task_days'] 'TUE' String, which days of the week in short form you want the task to run on
['autopatch_ii']['task_start_time'] '04:00' String, Military time setting for when to run patches
['autopatch_ii']['working_dir'] node['os'] == 'windows' ? 'C:\chef_autopatch' : '/var/log/chef_autopatch' String, Directory for log file and temp files
['autopatch_ii']['download_install_splay_max_seconds'] 3600 Integer, Max allowed random time to wait before downloading and installing patches, this way we don't overwhelm on premise patch repo
['autopatch_ii']['email_notification_mode'] 'Always' String, whether to send email after patches and before reboot with status of patch install
['autopatch_ii']['email_to_addresses'] '""' String, email address for nodes to send the email to
['autopatch_ii']['email_from_address'] "#{node['hostname']}" String, email address the email came from
['autopatch_ii']['email_smtp_server'] '' String, email server to forward the email to, relay with no authentication is recommended
['autopatch_ii']['auto_reboot_enabled'] true Boolean, to reboot the server automatically after patches have been installed or to leave it for manual reboot
['autopatch_ii']['updates_to_skip'] [] Array of Strings, package names to skip during patches on linux
['autopatch_ii']['update_command_options'] '' String, any additional options to be passed to the yum command on linux
['autopatch_ii']['private_lin_autopatch_disabled_programmatically'] false Boolean, DO NOT MODIFY THIS, this is modified programatically based on if cron job should skip this month or not


  • recipe[autopatch_ii] configures automatic patching and patches server on first chef-client run
  • recipe[autopatch_ii::firstrun_patches] creates a lock file and runs patches for the first time, afterwards doesn't run as long as lock file exists on the filesystem.
  • recipe[autopatch_ii::linux] creates cron job and sets up autopatch scripts
  • recipe[autopatch_ii::windows] creates windows task and sets up autopatch scripts


  • Change any attributes to fit your patching cycle
  • Add recipe[autopatch_ii] to your node's run list

Weekly automatic patching

Just use the node["autopatch_ii"]['task_frequency'] = :weekly attribute to override the monthly setting.

Automatic patching of large numbers of nodes

If you're auto patching many nodes at once, you can optionally modify the splay to prevent denial of service against your network, update server(s), and resources:

  • Adding node["autopatch_ii"]["splay"]

Using roles to specify auto patching groups

If you'd like to specify groups of nodes for auto patching, you can setup roles.

Say you want to auto patch some nodes at 8am and some at 10pm on your monthly
"patch day" of the fourth Wednesday every month.

If you have a base role (you do, right?), you can save duplicating attributes
and specify some base information first:

"autopatch_ii" => {
  "task_frequency" => :weekly,
  "task_days" => 'TUE'

Example role that then could be added to 8am nodes:

name "autopatch-0800"
description "Role for automatically patching nodes at 8am on patch day."
  "autopatch_ii" => {
    "task_start_time" => '08:00'

Example role that then could be added to 10pm nodes:

name "autopatch-2200"
description "Role for automatically patching nodes at 10pm on patch day."
  "autopatch_ii" => {
    "task_start_time" => '22:00'

Disabling automatic patching

  • Specify node["autopatch_ii"]["disable"] to true
  • Run chef-client on your node

License and Author

Author:: Brian Flad (

Author:: Corey Hemminger (

Copyright:: 2017

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Dependent cookbooks

cron >= 0.0.0
logrotate >= 0.0.0

Contingent cookbooks

There are no cookbooks that are contingent upon this one.

CHANGELOG for autopatch_ii

1.0.3 (5/31/2017)

  • [Corey Hemminger] - fixed typo in windows template

1.0.2 (5/9/2017)

  • [Corey Hemminger] - updated firstrun_patches recipe to use attributes for yum options and exclude packages

1.0.1 (4/20/2017)

  • [Corey Hemminger] - Fixed bugs and tested to be working

1.0.0 (4/18/2017)

  • [Corey Hemminger] - Initial commit

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