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Installs/Configures an HBase / Hadoop Cluster suitable for using with Map/Reduce and HBase using a Databag for configuration. Expects Hadoop to be set up with the hadoop_for_hbase recipe also written by rberger. <br><br> It is a literal translation of the ec2scripts in the HBase contrib of HBase 0.20.x. <br><br> This HBase Cookbook assumes its part of an HBase / Hadoop Cluster and has many databag or attribute elements based on HBase. It assumes that the HBase Master and the Hadoop Primary, Secondary Nameservers are the same machine and that HBase Regionservers and Hadoop slaves are also together. <br><br> TODO: Make at least the secondary Nameserver on another machine. <br><br> Having multiple Zookeepers on other machines than the HBase Master has not been tested. <br><br> This should be refactored to be independent and support more flexible layouts of the cluster, but not by me for now. Or more likely into a single HBase recipe similar to the single Database cookbook that goes with the new Opscode Application / Database meta cookbooks. <br><br> It is driven by Databags more than Attributes and is designed to be tied to an Application via databag item[s] in the apps databag.
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Jun 06, 2010
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Jun 08, 2010

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