mattray Can't wait for this: http://www.opscode.com/blog/2012/10/31/introducing-partial-search-for-opscode-hosted-chef/ 18:51
jaypipes mattray: the example there is really kind of mix-mashing information in chef with information that really is in other tools (like nagios/munin/rrdtool/graphite, etc). Not sure I totally buy the use case for it yet.. 19:21
mattray jaypipes: the example is from the Nagios cookbook, where search is leveraged to manage monitoring 19:22
jaypipes mattray: nevertheless, it would indeed cut down on the amount of data passed back, so that's a good thing :) 19:22
mattray we use a fair amount of search with OpenStack, so this will definitely help scaling and memory footprint 19:23
jaypipes mattray: no, I was referring to the top example (the one that returns eth0_rx_bytes... 19:23
mattray jaypipes: ahh, yes. A bit of a contrived example 19:24
Chef != monitoring :) 19:24
jaypipes mattray: but yeah, totally agreed re: the role search we do in OpenStack cookbooks -- though I'm not totally convinced it's structured as cleanly as it could be. 19:24