Nate_ Hi all. I'm trying to come to a decision on something. I'm about to deploy a couple production environments. I would like to keep the application configuration (non-sensitive) separate from our dev/test cookbooks. I also want to avoid keeping this configuration in a non-versioned place like a chef_environment. Does it make sense to store application configurations in a separate "config" cookbook? 01:53
flaccid Nate_: not really 01:58
Nate_ @flaccid, would you keep production configuration like URLs, specific application settings in a data bag? 02:00
or just in the cookbook where the application recipe resides? 02:00
flaccid Nate_: i'd use node attributes 02:00
Nate_ So I have a 100 servers and I maintain the batch_processor app's interval in each node's definition or do you mean to set the node attribute elsewhere? 02:02
flaccid Nate_: set the node attribute on the node as desired 02:09
when you bootstrap it with knife or what not 02:09
or use roles 02:12
there is also enironments 02:12
*env 02:12
hakunin hi, can anyone help me figure out why searching my chef server for specific tags always returns all nodes, even when they don't have that tag? 03:18
query looks like "tags:cron" 03:18
i know this is coming from the server because i tried going to /search/node?q=tags:cron in browser and see all nodes returned 03:19
also interesting: somehow this works when search is running inside recipes, but not when following that url or using knife 03:20
whyyyyyyyyy 03:20
i've been having this for ages now, makes knife hardly useful 03:20
hakunin this is what i see in log when running search by tags:cron: 03:42
INFO: [] webapp=/solr path=/select params={sort=X_CHEF_id_CHEF_X+asc&indent=off&start=0&q=content:tags__%3D__cron&wt=json&fq=%2BX_CHEF_database_CHEF_X:chef_00000000000000000000000000000000+%2BX_CHEF_type_CHEF_X:node&rows=20} hits=13 status=0 QTime=3 03:42
(seems small enough for paste) 03:42
unfortunately 13 hits is wrong, it should've been couple of hits only 03:42
i ran chef-server-ctl reindex and waited, didn't help 03:43
why all the extra results 03:44
elejia good afternoon 04:40
anyone alive? :) 04:40
cob elejia: it's 1:57am here, good morning 04:57
haha, lol 04:57
double_p 7am, what's up for cooking? :) 05:01
cob greasy eggs? 05:03